Special Report: AI in Universities

Academics across research disciplines embrace AI’s potential to accelerate research

While some have already begun to embrace the power of AI tools to speed up research, others seek to pioneer its use in their own fields

“Too many things are still uncertain to know how it will change things in teaching and research.”

Dr Noah Buckley’s comment summarises the general attitude among academics towards the rapidly advancing impact of artificial intelligence (AI). Uncertainty about how powerful …

Special Report: AI in Universities

Prohibition simply won’t work – universities must train their students to use ChatGPT to its full potential

Generative AI is here, and students are embracing it with or without their universities

The ancient institution of the university, with its many traditions and entrenched bureaucracies, will have to be uncharacteristically nimble to adapt to the coming revolutionisation of knowledge work. The ability of large language models (LLMs) to produce a well-written essay …

Special Report: AI in Universities

Analysis: ChatGPT is set to disrupt the post-pandemic dominance of written assessments

Post-pandemic assessment and education as a whole are at odds with user accessibility to artificial intelligence

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that traditional modes of assessment were no longer compatible with distance learning. Academic officials were not prepared nor understood how to effectively deliver education solely online to all students. An inability to administer …

Special Report: AI in Universities

Linda Doyle exclusive: Critical that College starts preparing for “profound effect” of AI

Provost forecasts vast changes for the university sector “in ways that we don’t fully know yet”

Provost Linda Doyle has said that it is crucial that College “starts exploring” what the advancement and proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools could mean for the university sector.

In an exclusive interview with Trinity News, Doyle expressed the belief …

Special Report: AI in Universities

Foreword: The AI boom

For our special report, adjunct assistant professor Abeba Birhane writes that generative AI is poised to disrupt every corner of life

We are currently witnessing an AI boom. Generative AI particularly has captivated the general public, the scientific community, journalists, and legislators. The launch of Dall-E in April 2022, which purportedly attracted over a million users within the first three months …