76% of students worried about securing employment after graduation according to USI study

The study surveyed students all across Ireland in relation to their thoughts on career prospects

NEWS76% of students are worried about securing employment after graduation and only 23% of students approaching graduation have jobs lined up, according to results from a pilot study by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), released this week.

The …


The Union of Students in Ireland unveils the ‘Tinder of Politics’

The USI hopes that Smartvote will help students to engage with politics and make a smart choice in the General Election


The Union of Students in Ireland have partnered with Smartvote, a website referred to as ‘the Tinder of politics.’ Smartvote went live today.

The website asks the voter a series of questions on policy areas which include housing, the …


Little evidence of government initiative in tackling the growing student accommodation crisis in Budget 2016

While there were some overtures to students in new funding announced for the Student Assistance Fund, the government failed to tackle one of the biggest growing concerns for students


The so-called “giveaway budget” announced by the government this week gave away little to third-level students. Aside from the €3 million announced for the Student Assistance Fund, a pittance when compared to the €50 million allocated for 1916 commemorations, student


Budget: Increase to Student Assistant Fund though no reversal to U26 jobseekers cuts

USI president Kevin Donoghue says Fine Gael hasn’t taken the opportunity to fully invest in young people



The release of Budget 2016 has seen a further €3 million committed to the Student Assistance Fund (SAF), after several years of decreases. However the jobseekers allowance for under 26s, which was cut in Budget 2014, remains unchanged despite a …


USI holds annual activist academy for students

The event targeted students who might be aware of issues they would like to tackle, but unsure of how to go about doing so.

IMG_6972Students from all over the country gathered in Trinity on Saturday for the Union of Students in Ireland’s (USI) ‘Activist Academy.’

The academy, which is run annually, aims to encourage more students to get involved with activism and teach them …