Six students represent Trinity in this year’s Undergraduate Awards

The global academic awards programme awards six TCD students at Global and Regional levels


Six Trinity College students were announced as Global or Regional Winners in this year’s Undergraduate Awards (UA). All six of them received their awards at this year’s UA Global Summit, which was held in Dublin from November 8-11. The summit …


A modest proposal to reform the SU

I have a simple suggestion: rather than electing sabbats, we should pick them at random.

COMMENTHi, I’m Naoise. I’m a final year English student from Dublin, and I’ve been lucky enough to experience lots of what Trinity has to offer. Now the time has come to give back. Like many of you, I haven’t always


Getting to Trinity on two wheels

Cycling in Dublin is grim, but less grim than the alternatives


The first problem you’ll face in Trinity: getting there. This being Dublin, your options are terrible. You can remortgage your left kidney to pay for accommodation within walking distance of College. You can grow old festering in the endless sinkhole …


Privileged men are people too

Feel free to point out instances of undeserved privilege. But please don’t ever say it in a way that makes me feel my privilege is undeserved.


I’m a white, middle-class, straight cis man, and I’m sick to death of having to apologise for it.

Obviously no-one ever raises any issues of race, class, sexuality or gender identity with any aim other than making me feel personally …


The ‘depressed genius’ is a lie

Our cultural conception of the depressed artist as a non-consenting participant in a Faustian bargain, their skills purchased at the cost of their mental health, is helping no-one.

comment1Depression: the illness that launched a thousand lazy armchair-opinions from people who’ve never experienced it. Among them is the idea that it’s a natural correlative of artistic talent. From Virginia Woolf to Robin Williams, we’ve rolled out a medically …


CSC announce Society of the Year nominations

CSC have announced the shortlist for 11 prize categories in the annual Society of the Year Awards.


Today, TCD’s Central Societies Committee (CSC) announced the shortlist for 11 prize categories in the annual Society of the Year Awards. The winners will be announced at a ceremony taking place on the 4th of March in the Alexander Hotel.


How I’m dealing with caffeine withdrawal

Coffee addict Naoise Dolan reports on her efforts to overcome caffeine addiction


I’m Naoise, and I have a problem. A 600-milligrams-per-day problem. As addictions go, caffeine is fairly manageable. Aldi do a mainly-potable instant brand (tip: stick a pinch of salt in it to even out the flavour) that has lit my …


The Roma in Ireland: some facts, illustrated

Naoise Dolan outlines some insights on life for the Roma in Ireland.

Recently, the Irish Independent’s Barbara McCarthy wrote an account of her experiences in pretending to be a Roma beggar. She got a well-earned social media slating for dressing up her impersonation as a “first-hand” experience of “what it’s like to …