Schols is not inherently elitist

There are inequalities in Schols, but it is wrong to denigrate the whole institution


The article ‘Schols is an Elitist Institution‘ raises some important questions about Foundation Scholarships, or Schols. It makes valid points about the questionable ethics of rewarding students on the basis of exam results, without taking into account the

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The survival tale of a Schols candidate

The challenges of sitting Schols exams and the madness that can ensue are discussed by MSISS student Devin Connolly, as he dissects his recent experience


Trinity College’s electing of Foundation Scholars is a long-established tradition, and the term “Schols”, derived from “scholarship”, has over the years come to mean much more than simply an imbursement or an award based on excellence. It is a set


Preparation ends as hopeful scholars begin exams

Feelings about the week varied between different potential scholars, from “they’re just like summer exams” to “if you don’t have nightmares of missing your exam, you’re not working hard enough.”

NEWSAfter months of preparation, the waiting is over for several second year students as they start to sit the annual scholar exams.

For many, the exams began yesterday morning with the majority of students sitting their first paper.  Overall, all …