55 new scholars, 10 fellows and 1 honorary fellow announced today by Provost

The number of scholars has rise since last year, from 50 to 55

55 new scholars were announced today by Provost Patrick Prendergast on the steps of the Examination Hall as part of the Trinity Monday celebrations. The names of 10 fellows and 1 honorary fellow were also read out in the announcement.


Fifty new scholars, twenty four fellows and two honorary fellows were announced today as part of the Trinity Monday celebrations

The amount of scholars elected has fallen from sixty four last year to fifty this year


The students who sat the scholarship examinations in early January gathered in front square this morning today hear the Trinity Monday announcement. Provost Patrick Prendergast took to the podium on the steps of the Exam Hall adorned with robes and


Preparation ends as hopeful scholars begin exams

Feelings about the week varied between different potential scholars, from “they’re just like summer exams” to “if you don’t have nightmares of missing your exam, you’re not working hard enough.”

NEWSAfter months of preparation, the waiting is over for several second year students as they start to sit the annual scholar exams.

For many, the exams began yesterday morning with the majority of students sitting their first paper.  Overall, all …


Confronting futility during the scholarship season

Many are intimidated by the workload and prestige of Trinity’s scholarship exams. The first step towards success is managing expectations, both positive and negative.

InDepthWhen I asked my friends how they felt about Schols, I received a wide variety of answers, from a comparison between the tests and futility of Sisyphus’ effort to push his stone uphill, to an incomprehensible stream of expletives. In …