Freshers’ ball appalls and enthrals

The main event of the week gave students a chance to drink and awkwardly wave their hands in air

If you’ve ever wondered what the last days of Rome were like, you’re probably a Classics student. If, on the other hand, you aren’t a complete loser, you were probably at the big event of Freshers’ week, Trinity Ents’ Freshers’


Diary of a Fresher

From friendly exchanges with taxi drivers, to strides of pride and even viewing Trinity through the lens of the seven deadly sins, our writers have had a week not hastily forgotten

Friday 23 September

Yasmin Underwood, Junior Freshman English and Classics:

   Moving from the forty-degree heat in the sandpit that is Dubai to the quaint metropolis of Dublin which features (what feels like) sub-zero temperatures has certainly been interesting, and has