Editorial: Activists are being left behind in favour of SU egos

Both TCDSU and USI continue to sideline grassroots campaigners in order to take leadership positions themselves

Every now and again, one of us has to go to some kind of event catered to students’ union representatives. They tend to keep to a formula: finger food, wine, a guest appearance from a high-flying Dublin professional – a …


Poor management has left TCDSU in a perilous position

The Union’s accounts for 2017/18 are a thorough indictment of the operating practices of last year’s Union leadership

The accounts for TCDSU in 2017/18 are a thorough indictment of the operating practices of last year’s Union leadership. The deficit is more than four times that of 2016/17. That year, the Union had a deficit of €14,837. Last year,


Editorial: De Rís’ putting a strain on Trinity’s relationship with USI, with no apparent upsides

It’s hard to see what the point of all of this pinning of colours to mastheads from Shane de Rís is

The contents of Budget 2019 have evoked fiery responses from student political leaders all across the country. Some of them have even managed to become fiery with one another. TCDSU President Shane de Rís circulated an email to all USI


Katie Ascough’s cynical worldview

The pro-life movement in Ireland are using campus censorship as an excuse for losing the argument

“Given the imminence of a referendum and the current oppression of freedom of speech in universities across the country,” Katie Ascough said, in a recent interview with the Irish Independent, “I am not holding my breath for a fair and


The radicalisation of TCDSU

The dynamic between the College and TCDSU has permanently shifted

Trinity’s beginning to catch up with the rest of the student-political world. On Monday March 5, several hundred students protested a meeting of the College’s Finance Committee, and made enough noise that the Vice-Provost had to come out and speak


Kevin Keane’s focus on Repeal is killing student activism

Kevin Keane’s cynical focus on Repeal has come at the expense of improving student life

In many ways, the “Fresh” debacle is typical of TCDSU’s actions this year. Every student received a self-congratulatory email implementing a change that no one seems to have wanted, and with Kevin Keane’s name conspicuously at the bottom of the


Trinity’s rise in the rankings a good start, but funding and internal reform still needed

The recent rise of college in the QS rankings should be commended, as rankings matter. However, it does not alleviate the need for increased higher education funding.

During the year I overheard someone from the SU talking about a special rankings commission he was involved with. The problem, he said, was how many academics had absolutely no interest in rankings: they considered it an insult that someone