Witnessing the demise of Irish party politics

We need a new politics, not a new set of parties.

Return of student solidarity with staff is to be welcomed

The Irish student movement has come a long way since December 2010, when the USI leadership first called for the renegotiation of the Croke Park deal.

Representatives call on students to attend pre-budget rally

Heads of the TCD student bodies call on students to rally for education.

Student media must not lose its edge

Catherine Healy outlines the Trinity News mission for the coming year

Fail, succeed, try again

D Joyce Ahearne reflects on the significance of student life

Let your voice be heard

Make yourself visible and keep your convictions, Matthew Mulligan writes

Women in sport

Editor Elaine McCahill discusses women in sport and why there is less coverage of them in the media.

From Panti Gate to SU Elections

Editor, Elaine McCahill discusses #PantiGate and the lead up to the SU elections

Editorial: Leadership Race still has miles to go

Elaine McCahill Editor It’s that time of year again. The time that is pretty much universally detested, when campaigners and flyers and awful stunts punctuate our daily lives on campus for around two weeks: The SU elections. Although, it has been rebranded this year to the Leadership Race but this title is really no more […]

Editorial: Student services being cut by board without student representation

Editor Elaine McCahill and Deputy Editor Tommy Gavin comment on the soon to come cuts to College services. The board which has decided upon these cuts has no students represented on it.


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