Assessing the prospects for future international students at Trinity

Speaking with students from outside Ireland about their time studying in College, we can identify the areas the administration needs to improve upon

Notes from a college dropout

Miriam Guiney reflects on the benefits and disadvantages of dropping out of college and filling out the CAO twice.

Getting to Trinity on two wheels

Cycling in Dublin is grim, but less grim than the alternatives

The Roma in Ireland: some facts, illustrated

Naoise Dolan outlines some insights on life for the Roma in Ireland.

The Church, the state and 800 dead babies

Naoise Dolan discusses state and church complicity in the Tuam infant burial scandal.

Why Snowden shouldn’t get the Nobel prize

Callum Jenkins argues the Edward Snowden is undeserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Social Entrepreneurship is not the answer

Keith Anthony O’Neill argues that social entrepreneurship comes from a good place but is not the answer to society’s problems

Is facebook a false reality?

Is facebook just another node in the VR matrix? Alice Kinsella ponders whether we prefer the comforts of illusion to the chill winds of the desert of the real.

Face-off #1: Smoking ban

Alice Kinsella and Rachel Graham duke it out over whether College should follow UCD’s lead and ban smoking on-campus.


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