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No UTI for U or I

A writer candidly speaks about the importance of being educated about UTIs,

 UTIs are surprisingly common. Up to 40% of women and 12% of men will develop a urinary tract infection at some point in their lifetime.  However, despite UTIs being so prevalent (especially amongst students), there isn’t much information surrounding them,

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The Viagra Vortex

We explore the sudden splurge of young men using Viagra in Ireland

The medication Sildenafil, more commonly recognised as ‘Viagra’, has been in circulation  for the past twenty-five years, since its FDA approval. Inherently, its use isn’t problematic; the drug is highly efficacious in improving erectile dysfunction. However, a trend seems to

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The second time’s the charm

An anonymous author outlines the central aspects of a successful long-distance relationship

Being accepted to College six months ago was like being given the opportunity of a lifetime. Only weeks after this incredible news, he entered my life. I was working as a barista at a café in Colorado and he was

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Summer Lovin’

An insight into the life of a Trinity student as they explored their sexuality this summer

Setting off on my first university summer as a single woman, I decided that I was going to have a peaceful and healing summer, focusing on myself before heading on my Erasmus year. The past academic year was full of

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First love never dies

A student explores the impact of one’s first sexual and romantic experiences

As a girl, Joan Didion was in love with John Wayne. She wanted him to carry her on horseback to the “bend in the river where the cottonwoods grow,” a line that she heard and took on from War of

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Getting Checked

A visit to the gynecologist, and reflections on sexual and reproductive healthcare

I am not registered with a GP.

Somewhere in the haze of school to bigger school to university, one city and one country to another, I never did the paperwork. I was aware, as one is aware of things like …