Permission to speak freely, Sir?

When addressing the subject of freedom of speech, there are several quotes to choose from. Voltaire, Churchill and Orwell have all offered their thoughts on the matter, but this article will begin with Benjamin Franklin’s: “Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without […]

The open university and its enemies

  “no one, it seems, should be allowed to speak in any public organisation unless SJP deems them worthy. “   An open university is a university where societies and individuals are free to organise whatever events and have whatever discussions they wish. The concept of the open university has many enemies.   Many writers […]

“If aggressor states see that we do not fight for our values, they will fill the vacuum”

On Monday, Sofia began their term with a visit from Mr. Žygimantas Pavilionis, the former Lithuanian Ambassador to the US and a present member of the Lithuanian Parliament. Mr. Pavilionis gave an engaging talk on “Europe Ahead: NATO, the EU and Russia”.   Mr. Pavilionis began his talk with his own memory of watching Lithuania […]

SOFIA’s model UN workshop: nuclear disarmament in North Korea

Day two of Societies Week saw SOFIA’s very own Model United Nations club duke it out over the North Korean nuclear missile agenda, with various UN member nations fiercely defending the countries’ policies on this matter.   Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity open to both university and secondary school students alike with the […]

The Pav gets political: Polsoc and SOFIA’s screening of the Trump/Clinton debate

The Trump/Clinton debate was screened by SOFIA and the Politics Society in the Pav yesterday evening. The enthusiastic turnout surpassed the seating available, but students stayed and watched through the open back door, eager for a glimpse of the next American president. The debate kicked off with issues surrounding the economy and Hillary Clinton spoke […]

Japanese Ambassador addresses SOFIA on Japan’s involvement with the United Nations

With the country currently celebrating its 60-year membership of the United Nations, Mari Miyoshi reflects on Japan’s contributions to date and discusses its prioritisation of Security Council reform.

SOFIA welcomes Swedish ambassador

Spectre of Paris attacks hangs over Europe, claims Ulrika Sundberg

Russian ambassador speaks to SOFIA

Asked about his opinion on the passing of the marriage equality referendum in Ireland, he said: “It’s your choice, not ours. We don’t teach you and we don’t want anyone to teach us.”

Chinese ambassador warns Trinity against inviting speakers hostile to China

Jianguo Xu said the Chinese embassy in Dublin was displeased by Tibetan leader Lobsang Sangay’s 2012 visit to the Hist.

Activist pulled out of event because of miscommunication – SOFIA

Maryam Namazie claimed that “security concerns” had led to restrictions being imposed on her talk.


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