Op-ed: Postgraduate and “casual” teaching staff are taken for granted by Trinity

A Trinity TA opens up about about the precarity of being a teacher in an Irish university

Contrary to popular belief, teaching and lecturing at university by no means automatically guarantees secure employment, ample time to pursue research, and a cosy office in which to do it. Over the past decade or so, especially since the recession


What I’m really thinking: Pharmacy students are suffering

Overworked, underpaid and at breaking point, two pharmacy students give insight into their struggles under the new unpaid internship scheme

The recent decision not to pay students on pharmacy internships has been met with widespread outrage and condemnation. Two pharmacy students from separate universities agreed to share their experiences of how the change has impacted their lives. They agreed to …


More is on trial than rugby players

Alumni Cookie Policy Staff Advertising Archive About Contact Trinity News | Ireland’s Oldest Student Paper Home News Features Comment SciTech Sport Multimedia Editorial Blog Archive TN2 More is on trial than rugby players “The law reflects the norms of society and is up for debate. It is my right and yours to express disgust with how it is carried out.”

Content warning: Sexual assault

The media circus that has taken place during and after the trial of the now infamous Northern Irish rugby stars has been costly. Though it was the rugby players that were officially on trial, the young


So many people in Trinity have stories like mine

The era of silence and shame is over – it’s time to get loud, and it’s time to get furious

Content Warning: sexual assault

I come from a place where sexual assault is prevalent, but where justice for its victims isn’t uncommon either. Coming to Trinity shocked me, because when I realised that there was no discourse going on, I


Voluntourism shouldn’t be for everyone

Too many people see volunteering opportunities abroad as a free holiday

Last summer, I spent about two months volunteering on a project in Vietnam. It was an incredible experience. There were around twenty of us from all across the globe doing the project together. We all got along well, but very