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Listening to this urban soundtrack

Ciana Meyers chats with students studying classical music in three countries

New York, Paris and London are capitals that leave you dreaming or perhaps screaming as you struggle to decipher public transport. Personal associations aside, the city remains a timeless setting for artistic creation and performance. This creative aspect is enabled

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An Alaskan Compass & Kaleidoscope: In Conversation with Shannon Donahue

Ciana Meyers speaks with the environmental activist and writer on her work fusing creative and scientific practices

Shannon Kelly Donahue is an American environmental activist and writer based in Haines, Alaska. Last month, she shared her vision with Trinity News. “I share the land with bears and moose and eagles and wolves,” Donahue remarked.  “Glaciers drip from …

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An Irish Trad Supergroup of Their Own

Ciana Meyers reviews the performance of Irish trad group Macalla for International Women’s Day

The Sugar Club on Dublin’s Leeson Street was aglow with the soundscape of Ireland’s women on the evening of March 8. Macalla, an Irish traditional supergroup of women, first collaborated at the Dublin Folk Festival on International Women’s Day in

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A musical adventure close to home

Ciana Meyers reviews the recent Trinity Orchestra performance in Glasgow

The orchestra of Trinity College Dublin travelled internationally to start second term with a musical flourish. They flew to Glasgow, a city known for its robust musical heritage – one that incites ongoing celebration. In collaboration with The University of

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The girls who dream: Students entering film industry

Ciana Meyers interviews Trinity student and filmmaker Lena Streitwieser on the realities of studying film at Trinity and female leadership within the industry

A second year Trinity film student in the Dual BA programme with Columbia University, Lena Streitwieser is a name now circulating throughout international film festivals. Having lived in the cities of Chicago, Berlin and Washington D.C., her background speaks to

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Making the case for the Blasket Islands

Ciana Meyers interviews Trinity alum Lorcán Ó Cinnéide on his time at Trinity and his crucial role in developing The Dingle Peninsula’s cultural resources

Growing up in Ireland’s West Kerry Gaeltacht, Lorcán Ó Cinnéide recalls fond memories of “a wonderful environment [with] music, songs, stories and people”. 

A visit to the Dingle Peninsula comes highly recommended. Beyond the island’s inherent natural beauty, it hosts

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When women are given war

Ciana Meyers offers key takeaways from the panel discussion Women and War: Representations in the Creative Arts at the Long Room Hub

Women and War: Representations in the Creative Arts brought the devotion and drive of different professions together. The panel, jointly organised by the Trinity Long Room Hub and Wexford Opera, included The Irish Times’ Lara Marlowe, artistic director of The

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Glancing at the lungs, wings & bones of Tradition Now

Ciana Meyers reviews the latest National Concert Hall and Arts Council showcase highlighting Irish traditional music

During 8 and 9 October, The National Concert Hall opened its various rooms for light, fresh air and memory. A ticket to Tradition Now offered audience members the liberty to listen, learn and relate to various members of Ireland’s traditional

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Recalling the faces of a varying stage

Ciana Meyers reports on the artistic highlights from the 2023 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

With August having jumped into 2023, Scotland submerges us in artistry. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s marketing campaign is titled Fill Yer Boots, meaning the gathering of all things cherished and important. The phrase signals the rhythmic fall of shoes on …