Student Living

Getting tested for Covid-19

I was on the Surf Society’s Fuerteventura trip. I had to get tested for coronavirus

A certain eerie calm had descended on the area between the IFSC and our so-called Silicon Docks. Hanover Quay normally hums with phone calls, overpriced croissants and business suits. On this day, it stood nearly devoid of life, the silence …


SU Elections: “Quite apolitical” Eoin Hand puts local issues into the spotlight

Hand wants to be the president of students who “go to lectures, eat lunch and go home”

Eoin Hand, hailing from Cashel Co. Tipperary, is one of the three students contesting the SU election for President. Energetic and charismatic, he explains that his reason for running is that over his four years in college he found himself …

News Analysis

Analysis: Consent education in college

Jack Ryan, News Analysis Editor, looks at consent education in Irish universities

Depending on who you ask, you may well receive a different answer on what it means to give or receive consent. “It’s simple”, someone might say, “No means No and Yes means Yes”. But in an environment where 32% of …

News Analysis

Analysis: Trinity’s plummet in the THE world university rankings

Trinity continued on its precipitous decline to 164th position from 120th

This week, Trinity students may have been shocked to witness a dramatic depreciation in the value of their degree internationally. In the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2020, Trinity continued on its precipitous decline to 164th position …


The national bed-time: Why Ireland’s licensing laws should be consigned to the 20th century

The laws and limits holding back the country’s nightlife are decaying an important part of Ireland’s youth culture

You’re deep in the bowels of the club. You’ve just necked the grim remainder of your double vodka-Redbull. It’s done the job you needed it to do. As you begin to hit your stride on a packed dance-floor, your inhibitions