Food & Drink

Fuelling up this exam season

Tips and tricks on how to survive a pandemic study season; habit-tracking, rewarding yourself, and fuelling your body.

This article contains specific references to eating and food habits.

As the academic year comes to a close, we face the annual hurdle of examinations and end-of-term assignments. This year, having spent over 365 days now in a pandemic, most

Arts & Culture

Remembering Kristallnacht Today

Trinity Long Room Hub in conversation with Lenny Abrahamson and Oliver Sears on the continued relevance of the Holocaust

Each year, November 9th and 10th marks the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the name given to the two nights in 1938 when a systematic hate-crime against Jewish people took place in Germany and Austria. It was the transgression into what was

Student Living

Alumni tales: Journalist Sally Hayden on migration, grit and staying humble

Lisa Jean O’Reilly talks to Sally Hayden about her established career as a humanitarian-focused freelance journalist

A world away from the glossy masonry of the Trinity College campus, an alumni of our very own, Sally Hayden, writes to us from Uganda, Africa. Hayden and I discuss matters of strangeness, of normality, and of the grey matter