Why do you care that I don’t want to have sex?

“[I want] be in social circles where that doesn’t matter; where we can share stories of doing it or not doing it and not worry about how we’ll look as a result”

On Valentine’s Day, I visited the doctor. He examined me to find that clamminess, tiredness, irregular discharge and glandular swelling could all point towards an STD. The following conversation occurred:

Him: “Is their any chance you have an STD?”



Boosting the “community feel” in College: Rachel Skelly, Welfare Candidate

Getting students physically active, widening conversations surrounding consent and sexual assault and promoting a better environment for student wellbeing in College are key priorities for Rachel Skelly

Rachel Skelly is a Junior Sophister Single Honours Geographer from Clontarf, Dublin. Last April, she was elected the Students’ Union’s Gender Equality Officer. Along with society tasks and work on gender issues, Skelly has also participated in a number of


Author Louise O’Neill discusses consent at the Students’ Union launch of their consent video

The video, direct by coms and marketing officer Aifric Ní Chríodáin and Bogdan Hrechka, stresses the importance of communication and signs of consent in sexual relationships.

TCDSU launched their consent campaign video this afternoon, welcoming Louise O’Neill, author and Irish Book Award winner for her novel ‘Asking for it’ to the event. The screening was held in the Martin Uí Caidhain theatre where the SU outlined

The 5 on Friday: consent workshops, worsening TA conditions, USI hustings, and more

Five of our week’s top stories delivered in bite-size chunks

USI holds General Election hustings in Trinity

Labour’s Joanna Tuffy, senator Gerard Craughwell, Direct Democracy Ireland’s Cormac McKay, Fine Gael’s Barry Ward, Sinn Fein’s Louise O’Reilly, Fianna Fail’s Charlie McConalogue, Social Democrat’s Gary Gannon, the Green Party’s Roderic O’Gorman and …


Irish media has painted TCDSU’s consent project as latest diatribe against men

Cynical articles which pretend workshops are only for straight men fuel anger towards the idea


The news that TCDSU has decided to bring in mandatory (although participants can leave as soon as it starts) workshops on sexual consent has reached official Ireland. And just like clockwork the traditional Irish media response is one of ridicule …


We need to stop treating sexual assault survivors like liars

One in four is a horrifying statistic. We must all do our part to change it.


Last year, the Students’ Union published the results of a survey conducted on student experiences of non‐consensual sex. It makes for depressing reading. One in four women on campus have had a non‐consensual sexual experience. Think about that for second. …


TCDSU launches working group to tackle sexual assault on campus

The new working group, which includes SU officers and non-affiliated representatives, hope to reduce the prevalence of assault on campus and offer support to survivors.


A new initiative aimed at raising awareness of the importance of sexual consent has been launched by the Students’ Union (SU). Dee Courtney, one of the founders of the initiative, spoke to Trinity News about their plans.

According to Courtney, …