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Written in the stars: does zodiac compatibility really matter?

Kelly Millikan explores whether astrological compatibility is really significant, or whether we are using starry-eyed love as a comfort blanket for the tough times we live in

The study of astrology is almost as old as civilization itself and is said to have originated in the cradle of humanity, Mesopotamia. Astrologists have kept track of the stars and correlating patterns since the third millennium, but over time …


Why do you care that I don’t want to have sex?

“[I want] be in social circles where that doesn’t matter; where we can share stories of doing it or not doing it and not worry about how we’ll look as a result”

On Valentine’s Day, I visited the doctor. He examined me to find that clamminess, tiredness, irregular discharge and glandular swelling could all point towards an STD. The following conversation occurred:

Him: “Is their any chance you have an STD?”



Should the purchase of sex be illegal?

What we really need is the end of poverty and the socio-economic conditions that make the sex trade so profitable


Were the motorcar to be banned, it would stand to reason that manufacturers in the automotive industry would stop shelling out hundreds of millions of euros on top-dollar advertising. This would be the same for any industry throughout the economy


TCDSU launches working group to tackle sexual assault on campus

The new working group, which includes SU officers and non-affiliated representatives, hope to reduce the prevalence of assault on campus and offer support to survivors.


A new initiative aimed at raising awareness of the importance of sexual consent has been launched by the Students’ Union (SU). Dee Courtney, one of the founders of the initiative, spoke to Trinity News about their plans.

According to Courtney, …


28% of Trinity students not sexually active

Majority of students confident of employment after graduation

Trinity students are having less but safer sex than other Irish students, according to a new study by

Of the 547 Trinity students who took part in the survey, 28% said they are not sexually active. This compares to …