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Trinity and Identity: Sexuality

In this series, Trinity Life Editor Úna Harty attempts to bridge the gap between Trinity students and their relationship with different aspects of their lives.


Sexuality is possibly one of the most complex aspects of the human race. It underpins a large part of how we interact with our peers and can significantly contribute to a person’s well-being; from personality traits to lifestyle choices.



Little support for Vietnamese migrants kept trapped in Irish grow houses

The Irish legal system has failed to protect vulnerable migrants brought over to work in the country’s growing cannabis trade.

InDepthIn January, a story began to circulate in national and international press outlets detailing the arrest and imprisonment of a 54-year-old Vietnamese woman, charged with unlawful possession of cannabis for supply and sale contrary to section 15 of the Misuse …


Time for government to formally apologise to gay people

As Australia moves to erase all historical convictions for offences associated with gay sex, the Irish government should think about not only pardoning but apologising to those that have been so abused by this state.

comment1The climate of hatred and shame which these people were made to live in, with raids on gay discos and on the homes of suspected offenders, and treatment with brutality and force by the state, is something that no reasonable …


Lifting the veil of misunderstanding

Countries like Iran are changing much faster than a lot of people realise. Even those who grew up elsewhere in the Middle East are surprised by what they find.

Amidst all of the shuffling and impatient immigrants in a dull and somewhat claustrophobic room in the Garda National Immigration Bureau, I begin to seek some sort of inspiration for writing this article. I begin to realise the diversity of …