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Comforting the fear: Polar Express mystery tour proves to be a cosy night in Cork

Sorcha Ní Cheallaigh overcomes her fear of mystery tours to experience the infamous annual Ents event


“Having arrived frantically to Heuston, I was greeted by a massive queue of onesie clad young people.”

I have managed to survive 20 years of Irish existence without ever being subjected to a mystery tour. I said no to the


Review: Dogg’s Hamlet for TCD Debut Festival

Sorcha Ní Cheallaigh heads along to Annie Keegan’s interpretation of ‘Dogg’s Hamlet’ for the TCD Debut Festival


“It was a risky decision for a bachelor’s drama student to undertake an exceptionally daunting task, especially one so crucial to the result of their degree.”

Trinity Debut Festival of Theatre is a three-week long event from the students of


Glitter and romance at Freshers’ Ball

“Freshers will remember last night as the most memorable moment of their Fresher experience. Mainly because it will take a whole year to get the glitter out of their hair”

I began Wednesday evening, like every other evening, at a screening of Bridget Jones before being spontaneously offered a ticket to the biggest night of Freshers’ Week: the Freshers’ Ball.

Having missed my own Freshers’ Ball, I really didn’t know