Puppies, hot chocolate and food for the soul

Mary Hartnett reviews the first day of TCDSU Welfare’s Body and Soul week


Monday saw the kick-off of the SU Welfare’s first campaign week of the year, Body and Soul. A week with over 20 events and activities planned, this campaign is all about being “confident and comfortable in your body”. Free hot

New gender-neutral bathrooms available in Arts Building

The move follows lobbying of College authorities by TCDSU


New gender-neutral bathrooms, located in the Arts Building, are now available to students. The development comes as the result of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) lobbying College authorities for additional restroom facilities to be made available.

Speaking to Trinity


Leadership Race 2016: Welfare candidates interviews

Éamonn Redmond, Aoibhinn Ní Lochlainn, Tom McHugh and Andrew Wafer speak to Trinity News

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Éamonn Redmond

Éamonn Redmond says that he found his first year of college particularly difficult. To earn money, he was forced to work forty hours a week in a restaurant from Thursday to Sunday, which he


Labour has not protected ‘core’ welfare rates

The very notion of “core” welfare rates has its roots firmly in the neoliberal doctrines that the Labour Party have lapped up.

comment1When asked to justify their role as a junior coalition partner, Labour Party ministers and TDs usually argue that they have protected “core” social welfare rates, which otherwise would have presumably been slashed by Fine Gael. It can’t be denied …


Is anybody listening?

Five students from different universities talk about their experiences seeking help with mental illnesses.

COMMENTThe narrative around mental health is changing. We are living in a society now which strives to overcome taboos around depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder through a campaign of openness and acceptance. We are constantly reminded of the high suicide …