Christmas isn’t just about family

We need to think about others this Christmas, not just those closest to us

Four years ago, on the night before Christmas Eve I posted on facebook that I didn’t think my family could go for another two hours without someone bursting into tears (as a joke). Roughly five minutes later, my then eleven

In defence of arts degrees

The focus on STEM courses produces graduates who can’t think as critically about society

The Arts Block/Hamilton divide is evident here in Trinity. These two main sections of campus give rise to two totally different cultures: the fashionable, eccentric Arts Block versus the practical, grounded Hamilton. Just last week, I, a humble student of

Kevin Keane’s focus on Repeal is killing student activism

Kevin Keane’s cynical focus on Repeal has come at the expense of improving student life

In many ways, the “Fresh” debacle is typical of TCDSU’s actions this year. Every student received a self-congratulatory email implementing a change that no one seems to have wanted, and with Kevin Keane’s name conspicuously at the bottom of the

Head to head: Should students be allowed to opt out of TCDSU?

Riain Fitzsimmons and Hugh Whelan go head to head on whether students ought to have the option to opt out of TCDSU membership

Yes, students be allowed to opt out of TCDSU – Ríain Fitzsimmons  

Students should not be forced to be a member of an organisation that they do not want to be a part of; that is the simple position of

Homelessness, fees and intergenerational inequality: The importance of student resistance

In support of the decision Students Against Fees to include the housing crisis in their remit

In June of this year we learned of the tragedy of the Grenfell fire. Seared in our memories are the terrifying images of a towering inferno ablaze, of women wailing for children still trapped inside, of exhausted, exasperated Londoners, helplessly

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