Brits in: reclaiming British-Irish identity

When Leopold Bloom, the hero of James Joyce’s Ulysess, is asked by an abusive Nationalist to define the word “nation”, he calls it “the same people living in the same place … or in different places”.   Bloom’s definition is strikingly vague; and, like many other definitions, it raises more questions than it answers. For […]

Voluntourism perpetuates racism and apathy

Many students partake in volunteering abroad, and organisations such as Volunteer Eco Students Abroad (VESA) run programmes designed for and marketed toward young people. Often, the marketing of the experience, as well as the experience itself, can be problematic and misrepresent the interests of local peoples, prioritising the wants of the student instead.   Earlier […]

Trickle down education

Before I explain my position, I would like to say something about myself. I am not an ideologue who believes that the private sector is always more efficient, nor do I believe people are fully responsible for their social outcome. I say this because I feel that these are the two accusations most often thrown […]

The Burkean Journal is a useless addition to the world

I am not going to beat around the bush. I am the embodiment of all that the Burkean Journal hates: a liberal/leftist/progressive/feminist/[delete error]/whatever they call people who believe that the 19th century isn’t a century to be copied. And I’m not going to outline my ideological differences with them: you know the arguments, I know […]

Political culture in Trinity is suffocating

I suspect the conflict over the changing of Dublin University Gender Equality Society’s (DUGES) official name to DU Feminist Society (FemSoc) is confusing to many new Trinity students. The Central Societies Committee (CSC) holds that it does not wish to allow the formation of political societies not affiliated with a political party – as though […]

Not my problem: the tale of Trinity admin

As the situation stands at the moment, I am neither a second or third year undergraduate student. Actually, that’s untrue; I am a second year student by default who was accidently, if conveniently, registered to the third year modules I initially intended on taking. “Classic Trinity” was the first thought that crossed my mind when […]

Why do we hate attractive cities?

Dublin, like many other Western cities throughout Europe, is in the throes of a construction epidemic. The need to fulfil housing quotas, alongside the rich rewards from foreign investment, has led to a clear demand for high-rise towers in central locations. Most notable in this has been historic Dublin Dockyards area, which back in 2016 […]

What Bank of Ireland’s English-only ATMs tells us about the Irish language

Bank of Ireland’s removal of the Irish language option in new LATMs (lodgement ATMs) has been popularly condemned by the Irish public. Bank of Ireland (BOI) discontinued the service as less than 1% of people were choosing to conduct their ATM business in Irish.   With so few people opting to carry out transactions in […]

Predators like Weinstein operate because we permit them to

The slew of actresses who have come forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault from a single perpetrator, Harvey Weinstein, have brought to light the seedy world of Hollywood we all suspected to exist.   Hollywood turns against him only now, after years of rumours and allegations. He was expelled from the Academy of […]

It’s time to let societies into student politics

So far, almost every angle of the Dublin University Gender Equality Society (DUGES) name-change debate has been explored. However, the events of recent months are simply threads in the knot of a greater issue: the involvement of student societies in “political” issues.   DUGES was last year cautioned by the Central Societies Committee (CSC) when […]


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