“You three are a right pair if I ever saw one”

Human existence, comedy and tragedy are ancient companions. In the immortal words of an Irish mother: “You three are a right pair if I ever saw one.” The three are intertwined and inextricable, a rich seam that underlies Irish culture. Sad songs and sharp wit, that’s the Irish. Or so it is said.   But […]

Fundraising with Father Ted: S2S Comedy gig

RAG week: a week dedicated to raising and giving money to the charities around us. And what better way to raise money than at an outrageous comedy event? The Laughter Lounge by O’Connell Bridge hosted the Father Ted headliners Patrick McDonnell and Joe Rooney, more commonly recognised as ‘Eoin McLove’ and ‘Father Damo’, in an […]

Trinity Halls’ ‘Avenue Q’: A Dazzling Mix of Puppetry, Profanity and Positivity

  “Without a doubt, ‘Avenue Q’ is a show that you should endeavour not to miss. The quality of the production and the dazzling performances from the actors make this show a truly great achievement for Trinity Halls.”   Last night granted me opportunity to see the Halls musical extravaganza of 2016, Avenue Q, directed […]

David O’Doherty at ComedySoc

Comedy Soc held a gig on Thursday 27 in the GMB to a stuffed-in, enthusiastic crowd. Far flung from the Tuesday nights in the Pav with student comedians and the occasional run in with the staff, this week the society hosting David O’Doherty, one of the biggest and brightest name in Irish comedy. The five […]

Can women be funny?

Valerie Ní Loinsigh’s personal experience as a female comic shows that part of the reason the world of stand-up comedy is still mostly a man’s game is because people are still asking the question “Are women funny?”

Merchant of Myrth: Stephen Merchant Talks to TN

“I was in this club with these people born in 1990”, says Stephen Merchant on his sell-out Hello Ladies tour, “and I realized that I was the only person in this club who’s ever watched porn on VHS”. “Nowadays”, he continues, “they’ve got everything – girl on girl, man on girl, girl on toaster, whatever […]

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Directors: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa Cast: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore Running Time: 118 minutes Rating: 2:1 By Nicholas Bland Hollywood comedies generally recommend themselves as films to avoid watching. North American prudery combined with overblown emotional pyrotechnics tends to kill any humour they might otherwise possess. But there’s a moment, […]

Manhattan and Annie Hall: Two Reasons to Love Woody Allen

Some people don’t  get Woody Allen. His disarming blend of nebbish insecurities and eccentric storytelling slathered with jaunty jazz scores or morose classical music understandably alienates the odd viewer.


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