The law of the land

The functions of the law are to keep peace, shape moral standards, promote social justice, resolve disputes and protect the liberties and rights of a country’s citizens. But how do we decide the moral values that underpin these rules? Religion can provide, and has provided, lawmakers with a handy, pre-existing morality on which to base […]

Understanding the Hijab

World Hijab Day was founded in 2013 by an American Muslim woman, Nazma Khan, who sought to break down some of the ignorance and misunderstanding about the practice of wearing a hijab, the headscarf.  This practice is observed in more than 100 countries worldwide and the Trinity Muslim Students Association held events yesterday in its […]

What a public lecture can teach you about the role of religion in political campaigns

On Wednesday January 11, Professor David Hempton gave an illuminating public lecture on the subject of “Religion and Political Culture in the United States” in the School of Ecumenics/Loyola Institute. Professor Hempton is an Irish historian and dean of the School of Divinity, Harvard University. The talk, which was jointly organised by the Confederal School […]

Islam: a misunderstood religion

  “Historically, ‘othering’ our fellow humans has been the easy solution for avoiding addressing real problems”   The world is changing and some may argue, ending. The blame for the rise of the alt-right and neo-nazism is almost always based upon a fear of ‘the other.’ Historically, ‘othering’ our fellow humans has been the easy […]

Mental health, spirituality and faith – in defense of the Catholic Church

The benefits and positives that religion can provide are rarely highlighted in the mainstream media

Faith in Irish schools

Divestment. Patronage. Ethos. Faith formation. These are some of the words at the centre of what has become an increasingly heated debate in recent months about the divestment of religion from Irish schools – but start trying to explain what they mean, and you might quickly find yourself in a state of considerable bewilderment. And […]

On being ‘religious’ in college

Perhaps one of the most wonderful experiences of being liberated into the college environment is the exposure to such an eclectic mix of interesting people, whether that is in lectures, the numerous student societies, or the endless mill of invitations to get-togethers. Fraternisation happens in the no-man’s-land between the various schools and disciplines; friendships are […]

No sex for the wicked

Sinéad Harrington examines the approach to sexual education in Irish Catholic schools.

How I came to terms with my sins

Even when we leave our Catholic faith behind, the old moral preoccupations and worries often remain.

Religion, not Islam, is the problem

The problem, it seems, is the elasticity of the holy books themselves.


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