Sex & Relationships

Dear Diary: I hate Valentine’s Day, and you should too

Ria Walls tackles the Valentine’s Day blues in the first instalment of the Sex and Relationships section’s online journal series

February 14 is inescapable every year, but it seems even harder to avoid when you’re single. Every shop has its own Valentine’s Day-themed section in the run-up to the dreaded day. There are cards, flowers, teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates, sexy

Student Living

Exam season

Ria Walls highlights the importance of self-care during the demanding exam period

It is clear that exam season is upon us when the library begins to fill up at 9am. At this time of year, a can of Monster opening echoing through the Lecky is the biggest thrill for the majority of

Sex & Relationships

The seven types of love: ‘Everything I Know About Love’

Three Trinity students kick off a series on the different types of love through the work of Dolly Alderton

, and

In the Greek language, there are seven different words for the concept of love. Something about that in itself is so poetic; there are so many ways to feel love that they couldn’t contain it in one word. 

In this

Arts & Culture

The Driver Era gets candid with Trinity News

Fern Kelly-Landry and Ria Walls talk to Ross and Rocky Lynch about life on tour, their time in Ireland and advice for aspiring artists


What started as a family passion in Colorado has now become the well-known pop group, The Driver Era. The years of stardom on Disney and Glee meant this musical family was never far from the spotlight. With each sibling growing …

Arts & Culture

A day in the life of an Irish publisher

Ria Walls discusses life as a publisher with Tramp Press founders Lisa Coen and Sarah Davis-Goff

When I heard the name Tramp Press, I was drawn to it. The obvious negative connotations of this phrase make it an attention grabber. Take what you will from the word, but a stand-out definition to me is the bold


Sexual liberation versus college-life expectation: hook-up culture in college

Hook-up culture in college creates an unhealthy pressure to partake for fear that of missing out, and for some it just might be better as an idea than in reality

We live in a society where discussing sex is as casual as talking about what you’re going to have for dinner. While this allows for liberation, exploration, and non-judgemental attitudes towards sexuality and sensuality, I believe that it also promotes