What we can all learn from Wittgenstein about the art of living well

By correctly attending to the ways in which we use language, we may become more tolerant, respectful, and happy.

comment1Ludwig Wittgenstein was perhaps the most important philosopher active in the 20th century. Wittgenstein’s main concern in his philosophy was with language; how we use it, and what we can and cannot say. As a ‘linguistic philosopher’ it may seem …


Rehabilitating a love of wisdom

Knowing what the good life is, and knowing how to achieve it, requires practical wisdom.

comment1What is it to live well? Since the ancient world, philosophers have considered questions about the good life. How should society best be structured to facilitate citizens to achieve their potential? What good should governments orientate their policies towards? Aristotle …


What would Socrates think of the internet?

Like the ancient god Theuth, the inventors of the internet proudly trumpet the benefits of their creation while neglecting its possible harmful effects.


Today, we have unparalleled access to the entire corpus of human knowledge. The internet has transformed how we appreciate and consume information and content. The recent advent of smart devices allows us to tap into this font of information no …