The Union of Students in Ireland unveils the ‘Tinder of Politics’

The USI hopes that Smartvote will help students to engage with politics and make a smart choice in the General Election


The Union of Students in Ireland have partnered with Smartvote, a website referred to as ‘the Tinder of politics.’ Smartvote went live today.

The website asks the voter a series of questions on policy areas which include housing, the …


History is harsh: Japan, the Second World War and east Asian politics

Aaron Matheson Reen explores the contentious legacy of the Second World War in Japan and its visible impact on East Asian politics.


Dominating the northernmost corner of Tokyo’s Kitanomaru Park is the Nippon Budokan. This octagonal structure functions as Japan’s foremost martial arts venue. On August 15, however, the stadium served more solemn purposes. Directed by Emperor Akihito, a service in commemoration …


What it’s like to be politically conservative in Trinity

Forget the stereotypes: right-wingers are normal people who sometimes receive animosity and hostility because we disagree with the majority opinion in College.


I am Róisín Bradley, I am 19 years old and I am a third year Law student at Trinity College, Dublin. I come from a town called Buncrana in Inishowen in County Donegal. I can imagine that immediately alarm bells


Social Democrats plan to set up Trinity society

Potential members encouraged to use the society as a platform to campaign on internal college issues


The recently formed Social Democrats spoke to supporters in the GMB on Monday about plans to establish party affiliated societies within Trinity and other universities. Former USI president Joe O’Connor and Trinity alumna Hannah McCarthy led the informal proceedings.

O’Connor …

Tweeting birds in feedback loop

A list of the 250 most influential users of social media in the Irish political landscape features TD’s inactive for years and two government press accounts.


Twitter is a strange beast. Once decried as a place for losers with nothing better to do than share snaps of their breakfasts, it has quickly become a tool of influence, mobilisation and democratisation in various parts of the world. …