Why men’s rights activists need feminism


If men who feel oppressed by their gender really wanted to change this, they would support feminism, argues Conor Scully.

Erasmus programme is a unique opportunity for personal development


While there is no doubt that studying abroad will help your CV stand out from the crowd when you leave college, there is so much more to the experience – Brian Hayes MEP

Psychology isn’t as easy as degree results would suggest


High results do not mean that psychology is an ‘easy’ degree, Gabriele Gusciute argues.

In defence of alcohol


If we were to really try to combat problematic drinking on campus, our attentions shouldn’t be directed at the Pav.

The reconfiguration of Irish politics has already happened


With polls indicating that a left-right divide has finally emerged in Ireland, the time is right for a broad alliance of progressive forces.

Is anybody listening?

Untitled-12 (9)

Five students from different universities talk about their experiences seeking help with mental illnesses.

Surviving London without a phone


Naoise Dolan braves a weekend away without cellular assistance.

Schols is just another freebie for the privileged


Schols is an outmoded and elitist system. It’s time to spread the privileges equally.

Victims of denial


Accusations against YouTube users are a warning that the world of sexual abuse is much closer than we would like to imagine.

Must try harder


William Foley casts a cold eye on last week’s USI rally.


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