European elections: This time I can’t vote

Ireland’s voting laws restrict students living abroad

The European Parliament launched an information campaign called “This Time I’m Voting” which encourages young people to vote in the European elections.  However, the issue is that Ireland’s voting laws are more restrictive than most of our EU partners. This

The Student Counselling Service changed my perception of professional help

Counselling isn’t necessarily always a success story, but a positive experience with Trinity counselling services has given this student invaluable help

My first experience of counselling was a terrible one. I was 12 when I started self-harming, 13 when my parents found out, and soon afterwards, I found myself driven to the local health centre every fortnight to speak to a

Wild Ball shows students what conservation should mean for activists, and what it can achieve

In an increasingly disengaged and uninterested student body, events like this year’s Wild Ball shows the success and importance of conservation efforts.

March 26 marked the greatly successful union of a number of societies with mutual interests, in order to host an evening full of all the usual trimmings of a society ball, but with a philanthropic goal. The extent to which

The national bed-time: Why Ireland’s licensing laws should be consigned to the 20th century

The laws and limits holding back the country’s nightlife are decaying an important part of Ireland’s youth culture

You’re deep in the bowels of the club. You’ve just necked the grim remainder of your double vodka-Redbull. It’s done the job you needed it to do. As you begin to hit your stride on a packed dance-floor, your inhibitions

Op-ed: The UT referendum is a disproportionate response to its Knights story

Provost Patrick Prendergast argues that the referendum is an unreasonable response to the bugging controversy

In recent weeks, there has been enormous media interest of the reporting of the University Times into the activities of the Knights of the Campanile. Students are wrestling with the ethical, legal, and journalistic questions that have arisen, and soon

English students aren’t writing enough

Despite its reputation, the first two years of English in Trinity are failing to develop students’ writing skills

The hopeful English student arrives to university with two goals in mind: to refine their core beliefs by discovering other human ideas and, very importantly, to develop enviable writing skills. Personally, my highest hopes have been realised regarding the former

Student life is over-reliant on social media

From politics to societies, every aspect of student life is inseparable from a social network

Student life has changed over the years, and so too has the world’s youth naturally adopted new technologies and norms. Social media has become an irremovable part of our social circles now, and that doesn’t look to be changing any

Eating healthily is a forgotten privilege

Examining the economics of eating healthily lends new meaning to the phrase “your health is your wealth”

Being a student in a university comes with many benefits, a huge one being how easily
accessible just about everything becomes. But probably the most convenient aspect of this is how easily we can access fast food. In the time