The fees battleground: A stage for student radicalism

COMMENT  SU stance Students against fees - Sarah Larragy

  “Education is not a private commodity but a social good”   Since the introduction of the student contribution charge in 2009, annual student fees have increased by 333% to €3,000. This pales in comparison to the meteoric increase witnessed since 2001, when fees stood at €396. The increasing cost to students and their families […]

Farewell, Comandante


There are few figures on the left who command the same admiration and respect as Fidel Castro. Those commending parts of his legacy can be found across almost the entire spectrum of those who claim to be ‘on the left’. Jeremy Corbyn (who is not, despite what the Daily Mail would have you believe, a […]

“I’m Sorry”


  “ People simply ask how I am – we don’t say the word election but we both know what we’re talking about.”   I wrote a piece on these pages about the US election a while ago and I’d like to say something before all else: I was wrong.   There is a laundry […]

Tech revolution no substitute for Trade Unions

Credit: William Murphy

    “Collective action is declining as a means of resolving labour disputes. Technological companies may have revolutionised the workplace, but it’s not the revolution employees need. Trade unions are sorely needed, and allowing employees to swap their neckties for hoodies doesn’t change that.”   When we think of worker-exploitation, a few images come to […]

Trump’s victory is an affront to his victims — and women everywhere

Credit: Anna Hardstaff

  “Indeed, his treatment of women goes beyond basic disrespect. In many instances he fails to treat women as human beings at all.”   Trump’s election is a sharp and disappointing reminder of the rampant misogyny that exists in our society. The sexism at the heart of his victory goes beyond people choosing to vote […]

HEAD TO HEAD: Student Loans


For Student Loans ~ Rory O’Sullivan   “It’s popular in certain circles to say otherwise, but free university fees in a country like Ireland would be a terrible idea, just as they have been in Scotland.” There is a hole in the budget of every Irish university, and it’s growing; and while quality of service is […]

What I’m really thinking: Living with mental health issues


    “I’m afraid of being unable to speak and express myself to the best of my abilities. I’m afraid that people don’t truly know me, and will validate my biggest fear. I am an inherently unlikable being. I care too much about others and find myself excused from class in the bathroom crying at […]

Open Letter: Trinity Chaplaincy, Boycott Israel


“Dear Rev Dr. Hamilton,   I’m writing with regard to the proposed Peace Pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine, and specifically in relation to the press release for the trip published on the Chaplaincy’s website. I’m afraid I find the emphasis and apparent message of this advertisement problematic for a number of reasons.   Based on […]

The naked truth about porn addiction

young man watching porn in his tablet

“We once viewed smoking as harmless, even healthy. Now we know better. How will future generations regard our naive consumption of porn?”   Porn cannot continue to live under the radar. If porn sites receive more visitors per month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined, it’s worth asking whether porn is as harmless as some […]

Voting for The Man

Credit: mal3k; Flickr

  “Whilst Trump is undoubtedly horrendous, and the rest of this article will proceed from that premise, none of this is of any explanatory value in understanding what happened.”   Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States has left the political establishment and media in shock. This should be no surprise; their narrative […]


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