What’s the point of New Year resolutions?


If the Grinch had an overlooked younger brother with a vehement disregard for ringing in the New Year, I reckon that I could challenge him for his title.

Studying philosophy has taught me nothing except how to survive misery


I have developed a virtue ethics specifically designed to help you not only survive, but thrive in periods of low-level misery.

Strict drink regulation creating nation of binge drinkers

Legislation ostensibly put in place to combat Ireland’s long-standing problems with alcohol has had an unwanted side effect.

What it’s like to grow up as a Muslim in the west


Rupert Murdoch recently said Muslims must “destroy their growing jihadist cancer.” Why should I be held responsible?

Any move to introduce new student charges must be opposed

Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 10.58.27

College’s possible introduction of new, non-means tested student charges without any meaningful student consultation sets a deeply worrying precedent.

Reflections on the rise of Syriza

The significance of Sunday’s Greek elections may not be in economic policy, but rather what it says about wider changes in Europe politically.

Religion, not Islam, is the problem


The problem, it seems, is the elasticity of the holy books themselves.

Sharing Charlie Hebdo cartoons is the wrong response to Paris tragedy


Widespread publication of offensive images deepens cultural cleavages between Muslim people and non-Muslim majorities.

I could be anyone: the aftermath of rape


An anonymous student describes the impact of sexual assault.

I’m sick of rural friends hating on Trinity


The life of the rural student is a delicate balancing act between farm and city life.


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