Open letter to the CSC: you were wrong to allow Kamal El Mekki speak on campus


A former Muslim responds to the hosting of preacher Kamal El Mekki on campus this week.

Pro-water charges campaign did not mislead students


The campaign manager for the no side in the recent TCDSU referendum on water charges responds to criticism of his campaign.

What does the result of the water charges referendum say about Trinity students?


Despite a misleading campaign by the ‘No’ side, an encouraging number of Trinity students saw the need to challenge the injustice represented by the water charges.

Medicalised terminology only increases mental health stigma

happy pills

Framing discussion of mental health in medicalised terms discourages people from engaging with the psychological suffering of others for what it is – subjective experience

Is Catholic Ireland dead?

You can’t really argue with census figures.

Economics teaching in Trinity needs to get with the times


A new student group dedicated to challenging the way economics is studied and taught in Trinity sets out its manifesto.

Kant or coffee: the value of procrastination


Can the true value of university education ever come exclusively from the classroom?

I don’t believe in Stephen Fry’s God

Julian Hamilton

Trinity’s Methodist and Presbyterian chaplain responds to Stephen Fry’s RTÉ interview with Gay Byrne.

Queerphobia in secondary schools a symptom of far greater problem

Both the passive and active tackling of homophobia in schools is directly undermined by the hegemony of the Catholic church over Irish education.

Syriza victory signifies monumental change

Similar European political parties could receive greater popular support from populations tired of harsh budgets.


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