Why Trinity should cut research links with pro-apartheid Israeli institutions


Ciaran O’Rourke of the Apartheid-Free Campus Campaign makes the case for boycotting research that contributes to the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Rethinking Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day is primarily about Britain and its antiquated sense of empire, Louis Strange writes.

I don’t love rock ‘n’ roll… anymore


Stephen Cox queries the descent, journey and value of pop music.

What would Socrates think of the internet?

Socrates article- John Tierney

Like the ancient god Theuth, the inventors of the internet proudly trumpet the benefits of their creation while neglecting its possible harmful effects.

Why men’s rights activists need feminism


If men who feel oppressed by their gender really wanted to change this, they would support feminism, argues Conor Scully.

Erasmus programme is a unique opportunity for personal development


While there is no doubt that studying abroad will help your CV stand out from the crowd when you leave college, there is so much more to the experience – Brian Hayes MEP

Psychology isn’t as easy as degree results would suggest


High results do not mean that psychology is an ‘easy’ degree, Gabriele Gusciute argues.

Premium cinema seats: out of this world or on the money?


Could the introduction of premium seats save our cinemas?

In defence of alcohol


If we were to really try to combat problematic drinking on campus, our attentions shouldn’t be directed at the Pav.

The reconfiguration of Irish politics has already happened


With polls indicating that a left-right divide has finally emerged in Ireland, the time is right for a broad alliance of progressive forces.


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