Grieving my beloved dog


Seeing your old pet dog being put down is heartbreaking, especially when her life is caught up with so many childhood memories.

Why I’ve decided to ditch makeup


Not being able to feel my own painted face was a reminder that it was not really mine.

Letter from an American student: I think of Dublin as a dreamland


Kelly Konya: I have filtered Ireland through her female writers since leaving Dublin last summer.

Reflections on Terry Pratchett


Pratchett was often dismissed as just a funnyman writing in a silly genre. But besides being droll and imaginative, his works are also generous and unexpectedly wise.

Direct action likely if looming student charges approved


Resistance against remaining proposals continues despite concessions.

How I came to terms with my sins


Even when we leave our Catholic faith behind, the old moral preoccupations and worries often remain.

What growing up in a queer family means to me

Screenshot (264)

Dee Courtney: I wouldn’t trade my parents for any smiling hetero two-kids-one-dog couple in the Iona ads.

Water is not free

It is unreasonable to demand an unsustainable level of public services without paying for it. The water protests are a perfect example of this immaturity.

Drugs have been decriminalised – they should stay that way

Prohibition further pushes drug abusers to the edges of society where their addiction will only deepen.

Understanding ‘Islamic’ terror

People in the west need to look beyond simplistic interpretations of Islam and engage in genuine discussion about the factors contributing to terrorism.


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