Sex trafficking won’t be solved by villainising all sex workers in Ireland

SIPTU and the Department of Justice may want to protect victims of sex trafficking, but their campaign with Ruhama will only alienate sex workers more

On November 23, Dublin-based NGO Ruhama launched the “Get the Full Picture” campaign. Supported by the Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union, more commonly known as SIPTU, the campaign aims to highlight the prevalence of human trafficking for sexual exploitation

Op-ed: Students are right to reject Islamophobia and racism from their lecturers

Students should question the beliefs and statements of DCU lecturer Mark Humphrys, despite his insistence that he has “three lives”

Controversial blogger and Dublin City University (DCU) lecturer Mark Humphrys has been frantically updating his blog the last few days. As well as recently added “statements” on the homepage doubling down, refusing to apologise and threatening to sue for libel …

Sunday Longread: Local government in Dublin is in dire need of overhaul

Recent controversy over Owen Keegan’s conduct has made clear the need for the democratisation of Dublin City Council

Following years of unpopular policies and an almost impressive list of controversies, it is no surprise that Dublin City Council chief executive officer Owen Keegan’s recent “sarcastic” claim that students’ unions should become housing developers has once again led to

The Irish Times’ transphobia must be resisted by students

The referendum presents an invaluable opportunity for students to use their power to support trans rights

There is an Irish Times advertisement outside the business building of Trinity College that shows a picture of a bomb going off, with the bolded, capitalised text “expect opinions that will challenge you.” Walking past this sign, shortly after reading

The struggles of people with OCD during the pandemic deserve attention

Discussions about the pandemic and mental health have been far too limited in their focus. The voices of those who struggle with OCD must also be heard

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a mirror crisis for people who struggle with their mental health.

After the most recent lockdown, when the government announced their reopening plan, my first thought was “I’m not ready to see anyone or

Protest Dining Hall

The Students’ Union should be working for students, not for College

Recent Students4Change action has exposed the inadequacies of the union’s response to College’s re-opening

Once again, students have found themselves in the familiar space of giving out about College’s opening. Trinity’s inadequacy and lack of communication seems to come like clockwork every August, with Covid only exacerbating this problem. 

The return to campus was

Parties’ sidelining of their youth wings stems from a broader contempt for young people

Sooner or later members of these organisations must realise that their parties will never love them back

Political party youth wings can be hard to appraise. In Ireland, they’re usually characterised by a unique zeal and loyalty to their parent movements, even when they frequently find themselves at odds with the mothership on a range of policy

The government killed our clubs, not Covid

Outdated and moralistic government policy is to blame for most of the problems faced by Irish nightlife, not Covid-19.

Nightclubs, pubs, bars and other late-night businesses were rightly among the first places to be closed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is no doubt that they have suffered financially from a particularly extended period of lockdown.