The reconfiguration of Irish politics has already happened


With polls indicating that a left-right divide has finally emerged in Ireland, the time is right for a broad alliance of progressive forces.

Is anybody listening?

Untitled-12 (9)

Five students from different universities talk about their experiences seeking help with mental illnesses.

Surviving London without a phone


Naoise Dolan braves a weekend away without cellular assistance.

Schols is just another freebie for the privileged


Schols is an outmoded and elitist system. It’s time to spread the privileges equally.

Victims of denial


Accusations against YouTube users are a warning that the world of sexual abuse is much closer than we would like to imagine.

Must try harder


William Foley casts a cold eye on last week’s USI rally.

Why the ‘Please Talk’ campaign misses the point


For people with depression, the point isn’t that they can’t talk, it is that they feel there is no-one there to listen.

Disappearing the inconvenient

death pen

Brigid Francis-Devine looks at the connection between mental health and prison reform.

YouTube celebrity accused of sexual abuse makes a comeback


Dee Courtney questions the re-emergence of alleged YouTube sexual abuser Alex Day.

My beef with vegan critics

Colorful vegetables and fruits

Naoise Dolan takes on the critics, concern trolls and weirdly defensive meat zealots who feel the need to comment on her vegan lifestyle.


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