1916 still poses a dilemma for the government parties and Fianna Fáil

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Parties in denial Government ministers, their parties and the Fianna Fáil leadership are in denial. They have led numerous attacks on Sinn Féin at an increased rate since springtime. On March 20, at a Fianna Fáil event geared at unveiling their plans to mark the Easter Rising’s centenary, Micheál Martin became so wound up that […]

HEAD TO HEAD – Tinder: Yay or Nay?

Tinder Mubashir SUltan

For: Courtney Byrne, Contributor Tinder doesn’t claim to help you find your soulmate, although the hopeless romantics can dream, but it does expand the pool of potential partners for singles, and that is never a negative. You can put yourself out there without even putting pants on. Rating appearances Tinder – renowned for its superficiality, misrepresentation, […]

Is no-platforming the right approach?


Quashing free speech has frightening connotations. While no-platforming a transphobe may seem tempting depending on your beliefs, would this be preferable to opening a dialogue on the prejudice the trans community faces?

What are we going to do about terrorism?

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ISIS want people to fear and hate Muslims. By giving into that, you are letting them win.

Transmasculine feminism, or “how to reconcile male privilege as a female to male feminist”


There are a lot of intersectional feminists who will give trans men free passes when it comes to acceptable feminist behaviour, passes that they would never give to cis men. I don’t accept these free passes.

Notes from a college dropout


Miriam Guiney reflects on the benefits and disadvantages of dropping out of college and filling out the CAO twice.

What can you gain from an Arts degree?


Arts students shouldn’t live in a bubble, but their choices are as valid as anyone else’s.

Western hypocrisy is at the root of the refugee crisis


When Cold War politics plunged many Middle Eastern and African countries into conflict and poverty, the West has a duty to take in the people who flee.

What it’s like to be politically conservative in Trinity


Forget the stereotypes: right-wingers are normal people who sometimes receive animosity and hostility because we disagree with the majority opinion in College.

Offence Versus Incitement: Notes from the Council of Europe Free Speech Conference


Striking a balance “Freedom of expression: still a precondition for democracy?” – this is the title of the Conference hosted by the Council of Europe from the 13-14 October 2015. We can all agree that freedom of expression is a necessary pillar of democracy. This right is enshrined in Article 10 of the European Convention […]


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