To make meaningful change, we must reconcile the desire to denounce with the ability to forgive

Actor John Connors’ public apology for his participation in a reactionary demonstration should be welcomed

On July 13, a rally under the banner of Hands off Our Kids took place outside the Dáil as a response to Green Party TD and Minister for Children, Roderic O’Gorman, being photographed with Peter Tatchell. This photo was taken …

Students need a sense of home not found on a screen

The increase of student learning off-campus will have more serious effects than not being able to sit on the Perch benches

Despite overwhelmingly positive advancements with regards to the easing of Ireland’s lockdown restrictions, uncertainty about the future still remains a huge issue weighing on the minds of students in Trinity and beyond. Between the choice students  face regarding Erasmus, and

Unionists have been fooled by English Nationalism

Sean Quinn analyses the shallow rhetoric of Boris Johnson throughout the pandemic

During the 2019 British general election, a fear lingered that large sections of the NHS would be sold off to the US in post-Brexit Britain. This is the health service that was celebrated at the opening ceremony of the London

Combatting racism must be a priority for student politics

USI has promised to adapt activism to Covid-19 restrictions, and must use its platform to extend support and solidarity to those facing racism

The murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis last week sparked protests and justifiable outrage across the US. An alleged use of a counterfeit twenty dollar bill at a local deli enabled Chauvin to murder Floyd

The power of Normal People is its familiarity

Normal People’s appeal lies not only in its geographical familiarity, but in its skilful depiction of love and alienation

Kehoe’s pub on South Anne Street has a mural on its wall of a James Joyce quote which reads: “In the particular is contained the universal.” The full quote is preceded with the declaration that “for myself, I always write

Trinity’s slow communication on study abroad has left students distressed

Studying abroad is difficult enough to organise without the stress of not knowing whether or not it’s going ahead

While this academic year has ended, students’ worries still linger, especially those who plan on studying abroad. The process of applying to study abroad is confusing and frustrating enough as it is already without the added pressures of having to

Student nurses deserve to be paid

Student healthcare workers deserve to be paid not just in times of crisis

The current pandemic situation has brought us all to a standstill. It is at times like this that we truly realise the value of our frontline staff: the various nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers who are going out to …

Housing cuts make women bleed: #MeToo and the fight for economic justice

In the face of the growing de-politicisation of International Women’s Day, feminism must be firmly re-framed along class lines

Note: this article contains references to sexual violence and harassment which some readers may find upsetting 

Falling on the 8th of March each year, International Women’s Day often brings panel discussions on Women in Business, shops filled with bunches of …