Council Hustings pushed the candidates in a way this election needed

Some candidates stood out while others still need to distinguish themselves, writes Grace Gageby

Nearly ninety minutes of rapid, probing questions at last night’s Council hustings saw sabbatical hopefuls put on the spot. The candidates were questioned on engagement, housing, diversity and post-pandemic student life, as well as a sea of other topics raised

Britain’s withdrawal from Erasmus+ will hinder its relationship with Ireland

The short-sighted decision to pull out of Erasmus+ will cut several ties with Ireland, and prevent the formation of future ties

Speculation on whether or not the UK would remain within the EU and EEA’s student mobility programme, Erasmus+, has ensued since the UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016. A last-minute decision resulting in the United Kingdom resolving

Irish being the fastest growing language on Duolingo is a positive step

Is Irish having a renaissance? Evan Carron-Kee discusses potential reasons for the rise in popularity of learning the language

Nearly every country saw a spike in Duolingo sign-ups after Covid-19 restrictions became widespread in March. In most of the English-speaking world, learners focused on Spanish and French. However, Ireland was the exception: 43% of new sign-ups in March and

Burnout is inevitable for students in progressing years, and College must address it

Community, or the lack of it due to the pandemic, is at the core of student burnout

We’re all sick of being reminded about the obliteration of the social aspects of college thanks to coronavirus. The social moments that segmented our lives have been robbed from us. The dreary familiarity and banality of the everyday demotivates and

Library opening hours should not be restricted this semester

The library is an essential part of student life, socially and academically. Both aspects are already constrained by the pandemic

Student morale is at an all-time low; a post-Christmas cloud of gloom has descended on the student population with the realisation that we will be entering the second semester amid the country’s third lockdown. For many the library is a

The pandemic will provide even more hurdles for the SU in their upcoming elections

The era of lockdown presents new, but not insurmountable challenges, for the prospective SU candidates

Those elected to sabbatical positions of Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) this time last year could not have even begun to predict the level of disruption that would come to define their term in office. As we approach the

Op-Ed: Trinity is becoming a University of Sanctuary after years of work, with many more still to come

How universities respond to global displacement and third level access is vital

We live in a world marred by the highest number of forcibly displaced people ever recorded. All over the globe people are forced into movement by wars, human rights violations, deprivation of human needs and climate change, amongst other reasons.

The government has a moral responsibility to pay student nurses and midwives on placement

Now, more than ever, student nurses and midwives need to be respected and paid for their continuous battle against Covid-19 on placement

Over the course of this tumultuous year, the public have become more aware of the in-and-outs of the Irish healthcare system than ever before. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic highlighted a number of issues that had not previously seen major public