Instead of protecting women’s sports, the IRFU’s exclusion of transgender women is actively harming it

Women’s sports have historically been a place of open-mindedness and active change, however the IRFU’s decision seems to be a disappointing step back

Amid rising transphobia and increasingly discriminatory practices against transgender people in Ireland, this latest setback for transgender women is yet another decision driven by ignorance. The IRFU’s (Irish Rugby Football Union) ban on transgender women participating in contact rugby is

In defence of trigger warnings on university reading lists

While a widely debated topic in the media these days, those who oppose trigger warnings do so out of a misunderstanding of their purpose

As an English student, I often encounter difficult subject matter due to the nature of thoroughly engaging with literature. Whether it be colonialism, racism, sexual assault, or any number of other topics, it is essential to engage with these complexities. …

Progress only stops when we do, and the pattern shows we stop too soon

As the free contraception scheme for women aged 17-25 comes into effect, we must remain actively present in the conversation in order for unprecedented accessibility obstacles to be amended quickly and effectively

Many steps forward have been taken for women in Ireland in recent years. Conversations about gender inequality, from areas as far-ranging as female opportunities in STEM, our right to bodily autonomy and sexual violence against Irish women, are ongoing, with

The new British prime minister must not continue Boris Johnson’s legacy of political turmoil in the North

As the conservative party leadership election comes to a close, questions must be asked about how Johnson’s legacy will impact the future of power-sharing in Northern Ireland

On 6 June 2022, it felt as though the world let out a collective sigh of relief as Boris Johnson finally resigned from his position as Prime Minister of Britain after just over three years in office. His departure was

The SEC is running out of excuses for late Leaving Certificate results

Pay disputes, poor organisation, and extreme staff shortages are issues that have plagued the SEC for many years, and have now resulted in unacceptable delays for students during an already stressful time

As the new academic year looms ever closer on the horizon, returning students are faced with familiar tasks: module enrolment, registration, fee payments. These are the annual, slightly tedious jobs that must be completed in mid-to-late August so that our

Trinity’s administration issues need to be addressed – again

Trinity’s notoriously inadequate communication and administration services are no secret to returning students, but looking back at the last year it is clear that it is time these issues are finally fixed

Looking forward to a new academic year in Trinity, we are already at that point of the summer where we have to make degree-shaping pathway decisions, with module option choices not too far away. As a new year begins to

Brands on social media are not people, and they are certainly not your friend

Consumerism is packaged so neatly into our lives nowadays that we barely notice it anymore, as brands on social media blur the line between business and the individual

The civil defamation case between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard completely dominated social media in the early half of 2022. What was a deeply upsetting and personal case about alleged domestic violence in a disintegrated marriage became something

Halving public transport fares is only half the battle for rural students

The government’s solution to the rising cost of living is an urban-centric initiative that ignores the root of the issue

Between rising fuel prices, the looming threat of climate change, and soaring inflation, there has never been a more costly time to rely on a car. Many European countries find themselves scrambling to promote public transport to combat these issues. …

The Irish Government is being irresponsible in its handling of monkeypox

If clear messaging and a vaccination program aren’t announced soon, I fear how attitudes to the LGBTQ+ community could change

Within one minute of scrolling through the topic of ‘monkeypox’ on Twitter this morning, I greeted with deeply misleading headlines about the virus, as well as targeted attacks on queer men. Notably, the Associated Press posted an article last week