Sunday longread: Staring down dictatorship in Belarus

A diaspora group is seeking to rally support on Irish campuses for pro-democracy protestors

Many of his own people call Alexander Lukashenko “the Cockroach”. Foreign media outlets frequently refer to him as “Europe’s last dictator”. He freely admits to having “an authoritarian style of rule” and until this year, he was the only person

People Before Profit and student socialism

How one of Trinity’s most active political societies is navigating this year

Trinity has many active political societies, including the Young Greens, Young Fine Gael, Ógra Sinn Féin and numerous others. These societies provide a platform for young people interested in public policy and politics to come together and discuss issues and

Volunteering with schools in a virtual world

Student societies are finding innovative ways to deliver the same personalized volunteer work in a locked-down world

Volunteering in schools is a key activity for a multitude of societies. In the world of lockdown, these services may be even more important to the lives and well-being of the kids involved; a chance to break the monotony of

The changing scope of students’ welfare needs

Welfare Officer Leah Keogh on tackling cases shaped by Covid-19

“One student described how the isolation period on campus could be “profoundly lonely” and that, “There have been days that have taken a toll on mental health.””

“First year students, who by all rights should be swirling in a whirlwind

Life at Trinity Halls: What happens to a social hotspot when socializing is restricted

As Ireland adapts to life in Level 5, hundreds of residents have been finding ways to maintain the camaraderie of Halls

Tucked away into a corner of Rathmines, Trinity Hall is, for many, a sentimental milestone from first year, often associated with the rows of dimly-lit kitchens late at night, cold walks back along Dartry road, and the famously vibrant social

De-platforming, Dawkins and debate

A look into September’s controversy surrounding the dis-invitation of Richard Dawkins to the Hist

Eleven years ago, in 2009, the University of Oklahoma was investigated by the Oklahoma State Legislature for permitting Richard Dawkins to speak albeit under different circumstances than those that have raised attention to Dawkins around Trinity in the last

Tourism in Trinity: how the pandemic is changing a staple of Trinity’s identity

With changing audiences and shifting restrictions, tourism in Trinity looks very different this year

Though Trinity has long attracted visitors from all over the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated a dramatic drop in international travel. College authorities have had to completely reappraise how they market themselves whilst ensuring the safety of students and