Is TikTok fashion costing the environment?

Fast fashion trends on social media have led to a rise in overconsumption from retailers such as SHEIN

TikTok has caused fast fashion retailers to increase their profits by as much as 44% following the viral videos of clothing hauls. These trends, which are encouraged by the popular styles and garments on social media apps, lead to a

Making a four day week work for Ireland

The chairperson of Four Day Week Ireland speaks to Trinity News about a new perspective on productivity and flexibility in the workplace.

In 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes wrote his famous essay entitled Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren, in which he made a bold prediction: by the twenty-first century, technology would have advanced far enough that the average work week would be

How accommodation is allocated in Trinity

Trinity’s Accommodation Allocation Plan leaves many students without housing

As the new  academic year rears its head, a slew of Trinity students are returning to Dublin. Some have been granted accommodation through College either on campus, near campus, or in Trinity Hall. However, for most, finding accommodation has been

Mature students: balancing academic ambitions with adult responsibilities

A second-year mature student and parent spoke to Trinity News to share their experiences of parenting and student life, as well as the effectiveness of support services available to them from the College.

When students are depicted in the media, they are mostly shown as teens and young adults, on their own for the first time in their lives with little to show for themselves other than the hope of a degree and

The international fight to defend academic freedom

June’s Scholars at Risk conference highlighted the threat of authoritarian rule, neoliberal policy, and other less obvious issues

In March, College fiercely defended its autonomy as an academic institution in the face of Government plans to reform the governance of colleges and universities. College officials voiced fears for Trinity’s institutional independence and the academic freedom of its scholars. …

Thrilling times at Trinity as filmmakers take over campus

Trinity’s head of central events explains what attracts studios to the university

Instead of the usual cast of lecturers, students and tourists, this summer Trinity’s campus has been populated with cast and crew members. Filming of the TV series Harry Wild and the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends took place …

"Progress" pride flags flying outside Helsinki city hall.

The activists uniting across party lines to see conversion therapy banned in Ireland

Grace Butler of the ACTC explains that the practice doesn’t always take the forms we expect

This article contains discussion of homophobia, transphobia and other forms of discrimination.

Like many countries across the globe, Ireland prides itself on being a bastion of freedom, a liberal democracy where it does not matter if you are a gay …

GSU President Election: John Tighe believes “we should be working together not apart”

Tighe hopes to “rebuild” the GSU’s relationships with other College bodies

John Tighe is running against incumbent Gisèle Scanlon for the presidency of the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU). Like Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU), the GSU is a one of College’s student-led capitated bodies, which represents, supports, and provides services …

GSU VP Election: Abhisweta Bhattacharjee says “next year is going to be a good year”

Bhattacharjee envisions a year “full of wins”, promising in-person events and supports for international students

Abhisweta Bhattacharjee is an MSc student in Applied Psychology at Trinity, hailing from West Bengal in eastern India. She completed her BSc in Psychology at the Victoria Institution (College) in Kolkata in 2018. Bhattacharjee is the incumbent Vice President (VP) …