Cash-strapped and living with a disability

Accommodation difficulties facing students with disabilities

It seems that when students living with disabilities look to have certain needs accommodated by Trinity, it does not happen without a fight — especially with regards to student accommodation. Students’ experiences with College administration can vary. While some claim

Trouble in Green paradise?

From kingmakers to contest

Many people forced to remain at home due to Covid-19 will likely have noticed the constant focus on three major news stories in Ireland these past few months: the coronavirus pandemic, the BLM movement and government formation talks.

Flying not

To stay or to go?

In response to Covid-19, Trinity is allowing Erasmus to continue for Michaelmas Term on a voluntary basis

The Erasmus programme at Trinity has given students the opportunity to experience both a new university and culture since the 1980s. For many students, the chance to study abroad is considered a vital part of their college experience and may

“Leadership will be redefined in the Covid crisis”: Interview with GSU presidential candidate Gisèle Scanlon

“I don’t think there will be any excuse for not bringing the kind of principles like inclusion, diversity, vision and community to college or graduate school”

Gisèle Scanlon wants to build a compassionate Graduate Students Union as GSU President, a goal fuelled by the promise that “my empathy will make me a good leader”. Scanlon brings four years of experience in the Graduate Students Union to

“Build a home away from home:” Interview with GSU vice-presidential candidate Abhisweta Bhattacharjee

Bhattacharjee wants to support postgraduates with “empathy and humanity”

In the race for vice-president of the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), Abhisweta Bhattacharjee wants to build a “flourishing” relationship between the GSU and the postgraduate students it represents. With student welfare taking central focus in her campaign, Bhattacharjee explained that

“We’re rewriting the rulebook:” Interview with GSU vice-presidential candidate Joseph Keegan

Keegan, in his campaign for vice-president, sees postgraduates as the “cornerstone” of college

Covid-19 has opened a new page in a book that Joseph Keegan wants to write for the Graduate Students’ Union. After pursuing and completing a post-graduate certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in Trinity last year, he hopes to

Drama in drama: The effect of Covid-19 on Trinity’s drama students

Studying drama while social distancing presents a unique set of challenges

Since Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced the closure of schools and universities on March 12 and Trinity suspended classes, students and staff across a variety of disciplines have been forced to adapt to unprecedented conditions in an increasingly uncertain society. Students …