The Steamboat Ladies

The pioneering women who graduated from Trinity when other universities wouldn’t accept them

It wasn’t very long ago that women were first given the opportunity to study at Trinity College Dublin, just 117 years ago. This may seem shocking for a school that now has an even ratio of male to female students,

Deja brew: The growth of Ireland’s coffee industry

Tracing the transition in Irish consumer coffee tastes from basic to bespoke blends

In May of 2020, Bewleys, one of Ireland’s largest tea and coffee companies, announced that they would be closing their flagship store, one of Grafton Street’s most notable occupants, which had been open since 1927.  This news came as a …

The rare new times

The reasons behind the recent loss of many famous cultural landmarks in Dublin

Save The Cobblestone, Save Merchant’s Arch, Save Tolka Park. Each passing week, another institution ingrained in the cultural fabric of Dublin faces an existential threat. When Pete St John wrote In the Rare Auld Times, a song about the disappearance

Keeping a dead language alive

Trinity News speaks to Dr Martin Worthington about dead languages, ancient cultures and the latest Marvel film

Marvel Studios, the super-powered media giant, is famously secretive, known for giving actors censored scripts and using codenames to avoid leaks and spoilers. Trinity College’s Dr. Martin Worthington got a taste of this famous secrecy in 2019 when he was

Are we headed for Polexit?

The Polish government’s undermining of EU law had led some to question the country’s future within the bloc

Since its conception, the European Union’s ability to have its laws take precedence over those of its member states has been questioned, but never overturned. There have been multiple altercations between countries and the Union, ranging from problems solved with

For You: the life of a TikTok creator

Lily Rafferty, aka MyCollegeLife, on what it takes to go viral

Ever since lockdown 2020, TikTok has changed the way we use social media. Becoming an overnight internet sensation is now easier than it has ever been before. Under the username “MyCollegeLife”, third year NCAD student, Lily Rafferty, is one of

The secret spirits and superstitions of Trinity

As warm bodies return to campus, Trinity News delves deeper into College superstitions that haunt the living.

Last year saw Trinity’s campus rendered a ghost town, haunted by the spectres of pre-lockdown’s past.  With staff and students seldom to be seen, it seemed Trinity was  populated only by ghosts. This Halloween, College is set to reopen in