Deciphering the EU’s new copyright directive

Crafting good legislation is a challenge for any governmental body. Let alone almost an entire continent. This is made all the more difficult in relation to the social media, digital media platforms and the wider internet overall.  The European Commission (EC) in it its current session has been increasingly attempting to regulate the internet in […]

Shaking up your diet

Whether you agree with the French and view food as pleasure and indulgence or prefer the functional American view of carbs as calories, there can be no denying food’s centrality to our lives. For many, however, it can also be the source of anxiety. Like on a Monday morning, when I’m struggling to figure out […]

Breaking the story

The first damning article appeared on the New York Times on June 13, 1971. The headline read, “Vietnam Archive: Pentagon Study Traces Three Decades of Growing US Involvement.” It revealed that The New York Times is in possession of pages upon pages of papers detailing the history of U.S.-Vietnam relations, exposing the lies of the […]

The not-so-secret life of bees

Honey. It’s golden and delicious; drizzled on toast, poured over porridge or even spooned into green tea, but where does it come from? Bees of course! We’ve all known this since we were very small, but how often do we think about the fascinating creatures and processes that bring bright, sweet, golden honey into our […]

Coordinating our compassion

Trinity’s own St. Vincent de Paul society, or VDP, is the biggest society on campus. According to the Central Societies Committee it is also the best, having won this years awards for both Best Large Society and Best Overall Society. The size and scope of VDP means that everyone knows someone involved – whether it […]

Ethical fashion on the rise

“Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.” So announced eccentric British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood in 2013. Urging consumers to opt for quality over quantity, Westwood was not attempting to cajole the general public to scrap together their pennies to purchase an item from her new collection.   Instead, five years later, Westwood’s comments praising conscious […]

Forecasting the Future

When you first think of predictions, what might spring to mind are mystics, psychics, the end of the world, or considering the past weeks: the weather! There are billions of predictions made every day. But how wild can predictions get? And how often, and how badly, can they go wrong?   We, as humans, fear […]

A second chance

Nelson Mandela wisely said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Over 2000 years earlier, Confucius wrote: “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” Perhaps most relevant are the words of Victor Hugo: “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.”   These great thinkers […]

In conversation with Angela Nagle

  For her work on the alt-right, Angela Nagle, visiting lecturer in Trinity for Michaelmas term, has received mentions in the Washington Post and the New York Times.   She sits down with Trinity News to speak about topics covered in her recent book Kill All Normies, such as what exactly is the alt-right, transgressive […]

Mad as a hatter: The curious history of the hat

Hats. We all have one friend who is never seen without their trademark headpiece. With it, you could instantly spy them in a sea of people. Without it they seem naked, almost alien. It’s simply a testimony to how hats have become central to the expression of people’s identities. To some, hats are the quintessential […]


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