About Bloody Time: Period Poverty in Ireland

Lara Monahan discusses the impact of new initiatives against period poverty

Following TCDSU’s announcement of a free period product scheme earlier this month, which itself followed the announcement from the government last year of a “pilot initiative which will see free, sustainable period products and dispensers for students”, period poverty seems

The Ties They Find

The new generation of British people seeking Irish Citizenship

It was with a subtle yet unmistakable hint of triumph that Tánaiste Mícheál Martin announced in the Dáil in January that 2022 had been “an exceptionally busy year” for the passport office. The continued increase in passport application numbers, far

A Spectre is Haunting Europe – The Spectre of TikTok?

A look into the reasoning and greater implications behind the recent bans on governmental devices

Amongst fears that the Chinese Communist Party has access to covert information, the UK government recently banned government employees from having TikTok. However, although data fears are valid, the ban may also set a dangerous precedent for completely overriding the

The Roaring 20s: The Silicon Valley Bank saga and why Global Banking has learnt no lessons

From startup to shutdown, the events of SVB’s cataclysmic collapse might signal that history does indeed repeat itself

It was poet and failed experimental scientist Percy Shelley who noted that: “history is a cyclical poem written by Time upon the memories of man.” The nods to history repeating itself get old quickly if the failures of the past

The Dangers of Drug Abuse

Drug experimentation is synonymous with college life, but awareness of the risks facilitates informed decision-making and safer environments

Consumption of and experimentation with illicit substances is often synonymous with the typical college experience. While this kind of curiosity is natural, and almost a rite of passage for those who choose to experiment, being aware of some of the

The Past and Present of Stephen Bandera

Raef Murphy interviews Ukraine’s Controversial Hero

Step with me through the nightlife of wartime Odessa, where that now-typical growl of the diesel generator gnaws at the darkness, moving through the masonry, to find me comfortably collapsed into a seat collapsed comfortably into some unknown drink.

Netflix: Net Hit or Net Slip?

While everyone else rises high, Netflix’s good times slump to an all time low

If you were subscribed to Netflix late last year you might have come across quite an ironic new addition to the streaming service’s seemingly endless chasm of content. Blockbuster, billed as a workplace comedy a la The Office, Brooklyn

Ents Race: Olivia Orr knows “how to give students what they want”

In an interview with Trinity News, the Entertainment Officer candidate details her insider knowledge and plans for the next year

Olivia Orr, a Junior Sophister PPES student, is one of three candidates running for the position of Entertainment (Ents) Officer for the 2023-2024 Trinity College Dublin Student Union (TCDSU). The officership is in charge of running all student functions throughout

Ents Race: Sam Kelly in a bid for Ents Officer – For Good! For All! For You!

In an interview with Trinity News, Sam Kelly details his experience in mental health and event organisation

Junior Sophister Politics and Economics student, Sam Kelly is one of three candidates running for the position of Entertainment (Ents) Officer in the 2023 TCDSU elections. Having founded his school’s well-being committee, and formerly sat on their student council, Kelly