Delving into stationless bike sharing in Dublin

Why have stationless bike sharing schemes been slow to catch on in Dublin?

The bike rental industry has become  a booming and competitive market, leading to new innovative schemes being brought to our cities. The concept of stationless bike sharing is quite different to the Dublin Bike station-based scheme. Dublin Bikes requires you

Confusion and improvement at the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

For Trinity’s international student population, a new visa renewal process is a welcome change to a dreaded annual tradition

After following signs that filter EU and non-EU passport holders into specially designated enclosures, queuing through a maze of airport stanchions, and arriving at the desk of a passport control officer, international students who arrive in Ireland are granted green

Professors with commutes longer than a lecture

How does travelling affect life as a lecturer in university?

Dublin is an epicentre of culture, work and life in Ireland. Yet despite the growing number of citizens who work and study in Dublin-based universities, only a small percentage actually live here. Some have personal ties to smaller communities on

Is Trinity doing enough to cater for vegan and vegetarian students?

Almost half of Irish people would consider switching to a vegan diet for environmental and ethical reasons

If you walk past the Bank of Ireland on College Green on a Saturday, you’ll pass posters of animals in horrendous conditions and several vegans handing out leaflets. DU Vegan Soc is going strong three years on and the contentious

An Irish Traveller’s path to higher education

Chantelle Cawley discusses the barriers to education that the Travelling Community face

Chantelle Cawley is a 21-year-old Irish Traveller studying at Mary Immaculate College, Thurles. She is in her third year, working towards a degree in post-primary education with Business and Religion. Speaking about her experiences growing up as an Irish Traveller

A History of the Campanile Curse

Exploring the myths and misconceptions behind Trinity’s favorite superstition

Just as the Campanile itself is one of Trinity’s most recognisable landmarks, the corresponding “Campanile Curse” has become one of Trinity’s most talked about legends. The most basic version of this curse, passed about in warnings from friends and within

The Dual BA program and Trinity’s outreach abroad

A look at the ups and downs of Trinity’s most ambitious international partnership to date

In February of 2018, Trinity announced a new dual degree programme in collaboration with Columbia University in New York City. Dual BA programme participants pursue degrees as students of both universities, choosing between four courses – English Studies, History, European