Till four years separation do us part

Examining the upcoming referendum on divorce in Ireland

Former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, when asked to speak on the proposed divorce referendum in 1986, said: “I would have reservations about the restrictive nature of the proposed referendum […] Divorce, in fact, is not so much about marriage

Final year words of wisdom

Final year students share their top tips as they graduate from College

Trinity’s graduating class of 2019 have studied throughout a period of rapid change for both Trinity and Ireland. This year’s graduates came in on the heels of the marriage referendum, have lived in a city going through an intensifying accommodation

What makes a satirical newspaper?

Trinity News sits down with one of the editors of the Piranha

Founded in 1978, the Piranha has been a constant in Trinity Publications, with its satirical takes on campus life providing an outlet to what we’re all thinking. With the magazine boasting alumni such as Pauline McLynn, Mario Rosenstock and David

Trinder, Trinfess and intimacy

Are the recent digital platforms that have emerged on social media promoting intimacy in Trinity?

The Intimacy Exhibition that was held in the Science Gallery this year explored the ways technology can minimise the distances that separate us in our relationships. Throughout the exhibition, the various installations challenged the boundaries our screens and devices often