The state of gender in Trinity according to Dr Catherine Lawless

An interview with the Director of the Trinity Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies reveals the strengths and weaknesses of Trinity’s gender policies

The Trinity Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies name embodies the forward-thinking and inclusive entity that the Centre has become. Originally established in 1988, the Centre changed its name from the Trinity Centre for Women’s Studies. It now includes gender,

New year, new administrative problems

A round-up of the administrative issues facing students at the start of this term

As the new academic year gets underway, old and new students are spilling onto campus with the hope and determination of a Junior Fresh. One difference is that returning students know what to expect when it comes to dealing with

Promoting equality in Trinity through the power of a podcast

Dr. Michelle D’Arcy pairs a native Irish person with a refugee to explore the “common threads” that knit them together

The week before classes start, lecturers are busy preparing lessons, sorting their timetables, and tying up loose ends in preparation for the academic year. Assistant Professor of Political Science Michelle D’Arcy, however, had much more on her mind. 

Dr. D’Arcy,

Defending Trinity College, Easter 1916

Reassessing Trinity’s role in the Easter Rising and how a small group of colonial soldiers prevented its rebel capture

“Was this indeed to be, perhaps, the last night of our ancient university?” Professor John Joly had anxiously speculated, as night fell over Trinity College. It was Monday, the 24th of April, 1916. A surprise ‘Sinn Féin rebellion’ had shocked

Capturing the elusive youth vote

The animal that often leaves politicians scratching their heads

One of the unwritten rules of political campaigns is that you should never bet on young voters. Speaking to Trinity News,  Fine Gael 2019 Local Election candidate Orla Kelly relates that “there is this general idea that the youth vote

Choose a controversy

Trinity students plan to climb Mt Kilimanjaro for a fraction of the usual price. But how?

Come late August 2020, a group of Trinity students will have woken up at 11pm, climbed the final few hundred metres, and watched the day break from the highest point in Africa. They will have summited Mount Kilimanjaro. For just

Inside Extinction Rebellion

An insight into the motivations, actions and goals of a Trinity student and Extinction Rebellion member

Now more than ever, the climate crisis has taken center stage in political discourse and has become a global cause of concern. Although there have been climate activists working for decades, recent scientific revelations have injected new life into calls

TEP: What’s happened, what’s to come

Will the common complaints of last year repeat themselves or can students expect an improvement?

The goal of the Trinity Education Project (TEP) is not just to change the structure of the academic year and examinations. Rather, it also seeks to alter the skills that Trinity students gain in university through increasingly varied methods of

“One of the great privileges of our job is that we get to interact with people who are cleverer than us”

Juergen Barkhoff, the new Vice Provost, talks about TEP, his longstanding relationship with the Provost, and what Trinity means to him


Attending Trinity as a visiting student in the 1980s was, for a young Juergen Barkhoff, a formative experience.  

Life as a Trinity student meant, to him, developing all aspects of one’s personality, rather than merely burying one’s head in a