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The obstacle that limitations of confidentiality pose in student counselling, and overcoming it

Abby Cleaver discusses her experience with the Student Counselling Services at Trinity, and how it was much different than first imagined

Content warning: this article contains mention of sexual assault, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

Limitations of confidentiality were not an obstacle I had expected to face when I started using Trinity College’s Student Counselling Services (SCS). Of course, you can find

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New York

The ups and downs of the J1 experience

Cat Grogan and Ella-Kiely give us useful insights into the popular work and travel programme

A J1: an opportunity that may just change your life if you let it. A degree of bravery and patience are two prerequisites needed to succeed in breaking ground because the application process is no biscuit, and neither is finding

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To travel sustainably is to sustain travelling

As students, we like to travel on a low budget – this does not have to compromise our willingness and effectiveness in being environmentally conscious

In 2019, before the pandemic hit, 99% of all the jobs available on the Caribbean island of Aruba were in the tourism and travel sector which, at that time, employed 289 million people world-wide. The importance that tourism plays in

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Are arts degrees a dying art?

Ria Walls argues for the continuation of arts degrees in the face of cancellations across the water

It was recently announced that the English Literature degree offered by Sheffield Hallam University in the UK is being suspended in response to the Government no longer funding degrees where 60% of students don’t end up in ‘highly skilled’ jobs

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Internship survival guide

Navigating being an intern is not easy, but it is an incredibly rewarding experience

It’s that time of year where many students are participating in internships across a variety of disciplines and industries. Doing so can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but often it means being stressed and anxious about having to navigate the

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Dublin’s answer to live music

Exploring some of the outdoor venues the capital has transformed this summer

Summer has turned Dublin into a concert playground. The last few weekends, my Instagram feed has been filled with videos of the latest gigs. I attended the Picture This gig at Malahide Castle on June 18, along with Grammy winner

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Irish in San Diego, CA

Ella-Bleu Kiely tells of her time in San Diego as a J1 student

Word of the summer: evicted. The San Diego J1 student housing crisis. The following quotes are taken from the J1 San Diego 2022 Facebook group: “9 lads looking for a house for July if anyone knows of anything! Please!” “Any