The Key is Turned on our Uncertainty

  Iúr Cinn Trá; the yew tree at the head of the strand. If my town, Newry, is the head, then the EU was the neck and backbone that gave it support in harder times. The head of the strand, the frontier, the edge. It seems that that is where my town now finds itself, […]

Leave Hillary alone

Arguably the biggest problem that women face in terms of political representation is that women don’t support women. I understand that as women, we have a tendency to deny this emphatically. But given that women still aren’t adequately represented at any level of government, I think it is only fair that we question if it […]

The key to understanding the future of economics lies in the past

Almost a decade has passed since the onset of the great recession which caused enormous damage to the world economy, both in its initial onslaught, and from ill-considered policy responses which have often proved to be nothing short of folly.   This crisis brought a well-deserved public ridicule and criticism of the profession of economics; […]

Trinity’s QS Ranking Underlines the Desperate Need for Funding

The news that Trinity has dropped 20 places, from 78th to 98th, in the QS world university rankings, isn’t a Trinity story; it’s an Irish one. Of the 8 ranked Irish universities, 7 fell in this year’s rankings; only NUI Galway went up, from 271st to 249th. Of the 6 indicators that QS use to […]

Controversial Burkini Ban highlights wider debate on Muslim women

While the French secularisation policy of laïcité has been, of late, seen as an attack on Islam, it was, in fact, enshrined into French law in 1905 following a feud with the Catholic Church. In recent years this policy has been applied to France’s Muslim population, who are being brought into line with denizens of […]

Universal basic income: an alternative to social welfare?

Last month, Switzerland voted on a proposal that would give every adult citizen and permanent resident of that country a monthly salary of 2,500 Swiss francs (about €2300), with an added 625 Swiss francs (€575) per child – a universal basic income (UBI). Though the proposal was voted down by an overwhelming majority (77% voted […]

Examining the context behind police violence in the U.S.

The response to the shooting of Alton Sterling by police officers in the United States has largely been one of fear and outrage. Sterling was a 37-year-old African-American man who was shot outside a convenience store where he frequently sold CDs in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The incident was recorded by the convenience store owner, Abdul […]

How to find a summer job

[fb_embed_post href=”null/” width=”null”/]   One of the most monotonous, energy-draining, and straight-up boring tasks a modern college student will face each summer is the search for a job. At present, 15.3% of Irish people between the ages of 15 and 24 are unemployed. Compared to the national unemployment rate of 7.8%, a very obvious, and […]

The coup against Corbyn is a necessary evil to save the Labour party and British politics

The decision by the British people to leave the European Union was a seismic one, the consequences of which are beginning to be felt already, in spite of the fact that it will be at least two years until the UK actually leaves. Nearly immediately after the result was known on Friday morning, David Cameron […]

Traveller Ethnicity Needs to be Recognised

  Once more in its long history the Irish state has proven itself unable, and it seems unwilling, to cherish all children of the nation equally.  Despite recent recommendations of international bodies to grant ethnic minority status to Irish Travellers, the Irish Republic has predicated and delayed. The current Minister for Equality, David Stanton TD, […]


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