The Political Passivity of the Trinity left

Marooned in Trinity’s middle class campus culture, the Trinity left has lost its connection to real political movements, argues William Foley

The Easter Rising is worthy of more proper celebration

Exposing the anti-republican, anti-nationalist agenda on the Easter Rising’s centenary

Why I won’t be celebrating the Easter Rising

Focusing on the Rising itself gives us a blinkered view of history and betrays the unfinished cause of social revolution.

Are we going forward?

Seán Ó Deoráin analyses the current political landscape in the wake of the general election

Op-ed: supporting a fossil free campus

In an op-ed for Trinity News, professor Sean Barrett talks about the connections between capital and politics

My life as an Irish Traveller in Trinity

Patrick McDonagh writes about his Trinity experience as a member of the travelling community

Why I’m sick of people bashing Donald Trump

The latest passionate condemnation of Donald Trump came this week in the form of an open letter from Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York on Monday (the 14th of March) – another well-constructed, facile enumeration of all the terrible things Trump has done and stands for, followed by a stern denunciation. There was nothing […]

Fossil Free TCD: Trinity must follow its strategic plan and divest

We want to show that students still have the power to have a positive influence on the pressing issues of our time

The First ‘Gentleman’ – an appraisal

What will happen to the role of First Lady, should America elect a female president?

The Elephant in the Room

I’m sitting in a pub on a Tuesday night, 3609 miles away from the man himself and yet even here, in the basement of a small drinking establishment in a country many miles away, Donald Trump’s name comes up, almost inevitably. Naturally my ears perk. I’m an American. I was born in a sprawling suburb […]


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