The Marriage Equality Debate

Emma Heyn and Ryan Connolly argue for either side of the same-sex marriage debate. 

Pro: Emma Heyn

he Student’s Union has announced plans to hold a referendum concerning whether or not it should have a long term policy position on …

Why the Kim regime should start making better tv

Maurice John Casey examines the subversive effects of foreign television on North Korean society.

The most notable thing about North Korea’s longest running entertainment show It’s So Funny is how inappropriate the show’s title seems. It’s offensively unfunny, even by …

Ireland’s fright of the wild Greeks

Manus Lenihan
Comment Editor

Manus Lenihan on the distinctions between the responses to the Eurozone crisis in Greece and Ireland.

14th November saw a united general strike across six European countries. Predictably, RTÉ talked about riots and disruption of flights …

Stand up? Fed up.

Mark O’ Meara

The Union of Students in Ireland, argues Mark O’Meara, is still failing to defend those who need strong union representation; and the rot is spreading.

Along with a new USI officer board, we now have new …

What is the alternative to austerity?

Michael Taft
Guest Contributor

With a march against austerity planned by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions this weekend Michael Taft, research officer at Unite trade union, writes for TN about the alternative to the next round of cuts and

No further, and never again

Ian Curran

News Editor

We should all be angry at the Irish government’s failures in the Savita Halappanavar case and its inaction in the face of Israeli aggression against Gaza, says Ian Curran; we need to do something about it.

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