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How these Trinity students are using chalk to create change

Anna Lyons interviewed EmpowerHer*Voice Dublin about their use of chalk to tackle catcalling on the streets of Dublin

Combine chalk and passion and beautiful things can result. I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the founding members of EmpowerHer*Voice Dublin, Esme, Sully, Kitty and Niamh, about how they use chalk to instil change on the …

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Women in the workplace

Una Power, Nadia Reeves Long and Vickey Curtis discuss gender quotas, female participation and gender bias in the workplace at an event co-hosted by two Trinity students

International Women’s Week continued with its slogan #BeBoldForChange with an event co-hosted by two individual students, Aislinn Brennan and Estelle Reeves Long, breaking the trend of a society-dominated week. More of an informal panel discussion in comparison to other events,


The Repeal campaign is not without its flaws

“As a woman, I have strong opinions regarding the 8th Amendment, as it is an inherently sexist piece of legislation as it stands. However, also as a woman, I have strong and negative opinions on certain aspects of the campaign.”


The Repeal the 8th movement has recently brought the issue of abortion to the fore of Irish life. While the right to choose to have an abortion seems fundamental, there is a danger that repealing the 8th Amendment will be


Have we forgotten what is it to show respect?

A woman never deserves to be attacked, so why is Kim Kardashian West being shamed?


On Sunday night, while staying in a rented apartment in Paris during Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian West was robbed by two armed men who bound and gagged her before placing her in the bathtub and stealing $10 million worth


UCC Student Centre removes “disrespectful and overly sexualised” adverts after complaints from students

Posters, depicting female bodies, ran slogans such as “Cheap looking,” “Do my buns look big in this?” and “What’s your cup size?”

NEWSPosters from an advertisement campaign for student smartcards in University College Cork’s (UCC) student centre cafe have been removed following objections submitted by the UCC Students’ Union, UCC Feminist Society and members of the staff and student bodies. The campaign …


I’ve spent my degree tiptoeing around sexist lecturers

Teaching staff aren’t held accountable for their behaviour; female students pay the price.


I had two ideas for a dissertation. I weighed up pros and cons. One probably had more sources, the other was more straightforward; one was more controversial, the other was more unique; etc. My decision, however, came down to a …


Auditor of the Hist distances himself from anonymous statement

The auditor of the College Historical Society (Hist) has distanced himself from comments made by a disgruntled committee member.


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  • Committee member criticises publication of grievances
  • Female members say debating is a “boys’ club”

The auditor of the College Historical Society (Hist) has distanced  the society from comments made by a committee member unhappy with the …