Should Fifa withdraw from Qatar?

Conor Heffernan looks at the recent human rights abuses surrounding the Qatar World Cup and questions Fifa’s stance as an apolitical organisation.

Why the UK should leave the EU

Maxton Milner argues the economic case for a British exit from the EU.

Talking the talk

Conor McGlynn laments the state of contemporary political discourse where language has become plagued with clichés and evasive banalities.

Trinity College Dublin (Inc.)

Louis Strange looks at the idea of privatisation and the consequences it would have for College.

Fracking up the water supply

Feidhlim McGowan looks at whether the consequences of northern fracking could spread across the border.

Ents needs to change

Comment Editor, William Foley discusses the issues surrounding the role of the Ents Officer and why it needs to be reformerd.

Ignorance Isn’t Panti Bliss

Matthew Mulligan looks at the recent controversy around Panti Bliss’ appearance on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show

Wwoofing in the wind

John Kennedy makes the case that the organic movement is a valiant but inevitably doomed resistance to industrial agriculture, drawing on his own experience volunteering on organic farms.

Ulster Says Art

Conor McGlynn looks at the role of art in shaping the North’s future identity.

Members only please

Ryan Connolly questions the usefulness of the Phil and the Hist for real debate and suggests an alternative.


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