The Student’s Guide to Apathy

Tommy Gavin defends the much maligned but understandable apathy of the Irish.

The tale of the Duke porn star

Elaine McCahill looks at the recent case of the Duke freshman student who was outed for appearing in adult movies in order to pay her college tuition.

The lost art of the manifesto

Conor McGlynn bemoans the dreariness of postmodern manifestos compared with those of the great modernist movements of yesteryear.

Reflections on the SU elections

Eva Short bemoans the chronic lack of politics in Trinity’s student politics.

Winter in Kiev

Niall McGlynn skewers the hypocrisy of western posturing over the Ukrainian crisis.

Are we gendering rape?

Peter O’Donovan questions perceptions about sexual violence against men.

Is Fairtrade really a fair trade?

Rachel Graham ponders whether Fairtrade is a worthy cause or a marketing scam.

TCDSU should boycott Israel

In light of TCD’s role in developing drones, Oisín Coulter argues that the TCDSU should support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign against Israel oppression of Palestinians.

Being against same-sex marriage isn’t homophobic

Ciara O’Rourke questions whether it is tactically and morally best to condemn opponents of same-sex marriage as homophobes.

The Visual Arts: “So What?”

Rachel Graham explores the legitimacy of the visual arts in today’s internet-obsessed culture.


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