Ents needs to change

William Foley

Comment Editor

As the #LeadershipRace approaches, the hacks are slithering out of the CSC incubation chambers and preparing to infest the campus with shiny t-shirts, hollow promises and glossy leaflets with an average handout-to-bin lifespan of about five …

Wwoofing in the wind

John Kennedy

Staff Writer

The world we live in is a dirty one. We are invited and enticed to consume daily, to consume indiscriminately and to consume regardless of actual necessity. This is especially evident during Christmas, the festival of …

Members only please

Ryan Connolly

Staff Writer

What other institutions on campus could possibly be more representative of Trinity than its two resident debating societies? They are centuries old, both have played host to such historical figures as Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, Bram …

Face off: Is eating meat ethically justified?

PRO – MIKEY                                                                                                                                                  ANTI – RACHEL

Rachel: The topic of vegetarianism is an odd one. At first glance, it’s pretty straightforward: animals are conscious creatures. Imposing needless pain and death on conscious creatures is a bad thing. Let’s not do …